Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Proper Fish and Chips!

We are at the beach in Brighton enjoying the fish and chips. We have a wonderful day off on this bank holiday while the Supersuckers have another show. The sun is shining and the place is crawling with tourists, we met a guy on the beach who said we must have brought the good weather with us. It is absolutely beautiful out. Almost nice enough to lay on the rocks on the beach. I tried to relate to the argument as to why rocks are perferable to sand ie 'rocks don't get stuck in your nooks and crannies, won't get in your food etc. But it still looked kind of uncomfortable.

Last nights show went really well. We played very early, 7:55. And on Easter Sunday. I think most people had just come from family Sunday dinner. We definitely played to a lot of new people which is fantastic. We had a very positive article and album review in Classic Rock magazine, 8 out of 10 stars. So hopefully we'll win over some fans here cause we'd love to come back.

Our London show might have been the best London gig to date. The club ULU is part of the University and unlike our shows at the Garage, Underground and Astoria, this was not frought with technical mishaps, tainting the show. No electrocution, no power outages and no fires! What a relief to finally be able to play a proper gig on a stage high enough that everyone can see. We had a really good performance and had an excellent time after catching up at the Crowbar with friends in town. At one point the bar was so full at the bar I think I was lifted off the ground and moved a few inches.

To end our perfect day in Brighton we had an excellent typical pub meal. I had the Cumberland Sausage Toad in the Hole style and Blaine had a steak and ale pie. Then we wandered the tiny crooked streets trying to find landmarks we only know from Quadrophoenia. Finally in search of local fried dough and sugar we hit the famous Brighton pier which has indoor gambling and games for all ages and an outdoor amusement park at the very end. It looks amazing at night all lit up. We found our dessert made by a machine called the Donut Robot and served by a young blond named Hedvig.

Next time we have to see the garden that Lewis Carroll based Wonderland on. Supposedly there is a 'rabbit hole' that is essentially a tunnel that travels from a field to the sea. Now it's a big gay hookup area. Maybe it was back then too.

Lotsa love from sunny England, off to Bristol where tonight I get to visit with a girl I used to babysit!



Bone Machine said...

So are you saying that Long John Silvers in lovely and scenic Owensboro, Kentucky doesn't serve proper fish and chips?

Okay, so I can see that.

Anonymous said...

great gig in brighton dudes :-),i got blaine to sign a poster after the gig but it got ruined as it fell out of my pocket,it sadly got covered in beer and trampled on.
i have never seen you guys before,but i was blown away by your performance,really like the dirty riffs and lyrics,im now a fan and could not be happier,just hope you come back brighton way soon guys !

Martín said...

I saw the amazing show in Brighton and I finally could talk to you, Ruyter.

I've already seen you in Brazil and I hope you go back soon to South America.

I've got some pictures with you and I'll try to send them to you asap.

Muchas gracias por tanto Rock'n'Roll!!

paul said...

hi ruyter....it's me paul,not sure if you remember me but i disturbed you in your van and asked you to sign some cds for me,then you went and got blaine to come and sign some nine pound hammer cds.just wanna say what an awsome gig it was,the first time pussy had been to Brighton,i had waited years for you to come and how great that it was you and the supersuckers,and i was right at the front.please come back soon :o)