Thursday, January 29, 2009

One From the Road

Hello babies!!! We are one hour away from the stage here in Paris. The Supersuckers should be going on any second now. So far so good. We got into Paris fine, easy flight then got promptly pulled over by Les Flics for driving a van painted flat black, evidently a non non en Paris. Once on our way we slept the first 12 hours easily.

Gibson has loaned us three new guitars 2 Les Paula and 1 SG. Ludwig has loaned Jeremy a flashy new kit. I'm rocking some cool new pants and we're playing at least 6 new songs. We're traveling in a smaller bus, the 'short bus' as we call it. Pretty styling, DVD players in every bunk and a hard drive with 200 glorious time wasters or movies you may call them. We have a new crew too, three Brits and a Canuck to keep me company. They all seem real hung ho.

Today we did a shitload of interviews, including Rock Hard, Extreme Guitar and BatteriƩ, the drum magazine. We also did an TV interview that 2 million people will watch to promote our French tour in April.


Okay,hours have past, the show is over. First show on tour , SOLD OUT!!! 900 people!! What can we say, Paris fucking rocks. The audience was outstanding, totally on fire. Belgium tomorrow. I only hope they can keep up. France hit a high water mark.

Love from the road