Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gettin Down time finally!

Hey Y'all!! After our whirlwind tour of South America we had a few days off then we spent a few days in Vegas playing a private party which quicky became public at the PALMS 'Rain room'. It was really swanky to say the least and we ran into BMX'rs from around the world there for the Film premire we were playing. A bunch of crazy fuckers from Nelson BC put the show on and we met people from as far away as good old Holland. Partied with a bunch of Dutch that we met at the Lirop Festival as well as a bunch of Canuckleheads and of course the local Las Vegans. We played in front of a waterfall and there was a giant candelabra of fire blasting in the centre of the room that kept going off at climaxes in the music- it got hot in there.
Now we are just enjoying some time off - working up some new tunes and getting ready to hit CMJ in New York at Don Hills on the 18th. This is a virgin experience for Blaine and I as we get to play with both Nashville Pussy and Miss Georgia Peach. We have never performed as a band with her so it should be pretty exciting. Hopefully we will play early in the day at Don Hills and another show- I'll post on here when I have the details - but it should be worth checking out. The Miss Georgia '45 comes out in November and hopefully we'll have some for sale in NY as well.
We got to hang out with the Turbonegros when they played Atlanta last week (Euroboy's got braces!) And Saw Nick Oliveri for the first time since he was in Queens. Also Brent from Mastadon is fine in case you heard about his scuffle at the VMA's. For the TURBONEGRO after party Blaine got to DJ. This was his first time DeeJaying in the USA! Now he's done it in Melbourne, Montreal, Japan? I can't remember where else but the place was rocking. Man that guy can spin some wicked tunes - I know it sounds like my living room but that night he busted some shit out that we don't even listen to around the house. Including a bunch of shit that Turbonegro ripped off and some VIKINGS too!

By the way - our Buddy HALE has some new Limited Edition Autographed stuff for sale on http://www.noisenoisenoise.com/ Our merch website has been closed for renovations so he has some new cool shit up on his site instead! I apologize to those who have wrote in saying we have nothing available! Check out his site, he has stuff no one else does and the proceeds go straight to the band, not some lying jerk getting his daughter to ask for autographs then selling them on ebay. This guy is straight up.

see y'all down the road!