Wednesday, July 2, 2014


NEW SHIRTS AVAILABLE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY!! We are currently resting back at Pussy Manor between tours. And we have our 2 new killer shirt designs right here with us. BUT BE WARNED- When we start the next tour, this valuable stash of cool merchandise is going with us. Get them while they last!! So they are only available until July 22nd. You can order them from THE RARE SHIT STORE at Get'em before they are gone!
A NEW DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW!! That's right! Episode 3 of the Drunken Rock Show is available for streaming on the home page of Slinging Pug Radio. These just keep getting better. I'm very proud of this one. As usual I let the music and alcohol do most of the talking. This time however, I replace the the vodka with some legal Denver weed, as I recorded the podcast live on tour in Colorado! The show has got an ever growing cult. A growing cult? Does that make me the new Charles Manson? Well, one can dream. Let me put it this way. The new podcast starts off with a song by LUCIFER'S FRIEND called RIDE THE SKY. If that doesn't interest you then you are no friend if mine! And as usual, IT'S FUCKING FREE!!
PIGSTOCK 2014!!!!! We are proud to announce PIGSTOCK, a weeklong radio concert broadcast of the world's greatest bands. It will take place in August. So far we have ACDC, ALICE COOPER, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, THE FACES, THIN LIZZY, THE DICTATORS, with many more to come. AND IT''S FREE at slingingpigradio!!!
Check it out!! Ruyter made the Wall Of Fame at HELLFEST this year!!
I FUCKING HATE COMMERCIALS I don't want to sound like those assholes over at PBS, but we have some cool packages for any and all you good rocking souls out there who want to contribute to Slinging Pig Radio. We have a commercial license for the radio station. But commercials are awful. Fucking awful. And I don't want to piss all over the euphoria that you feel when listening to Slinging Pig Radio by having some screaming jackass interrupt the rocking by trying to sell you a bunch of crap that you probably don't need. Car Insurance, yoghurt, diapers, phone plans, Christian dating services and spaghetti. I hate all that shit. Commercials are the worst and I'm not having any part of it. Not on our station! Also Slinging Pig Radio is a totally legal station. We do pay royalties on what's played. And I'm constantly purchasing new tunes to add to the rotation. So if any of you feel like joining me in this Holy Quest to keep rock alive, please check the home page of Slinging Pig Radio and check out the cool things you can get by donating. This radio station is great. I'm very proud of it. No Shit. Thank you for listening. UP THE DOSAGE 2014 TOUR DATES here! keep track with the Pussy APP! - It's FREE!!
PS - When life gives you lemons....