Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey everybody. We are in Portugal, just pulling into Lisbon. We had one of the best shows ever last night in Vigo Spain. The club was absolutley bizarre. No one had seen anything like it. Not only was the place huge but the stage must have been 15 feet in the air. We had to practically climb a ladder to get to the stage. The show wound up being absolutley packed and the audience was fantastic even though they were really far down there. The sound was incredible and both the Supersuckers and we had a ball. It was really like an indoor festival.

Since the bus fire the tour has been smooth sailing. Our new apology bus is a double decker so we have lots of room to spread out and drag friends along from town to town when we want.

All the shows have been pretty much sold out, even though most of our audience has been at the acdc show the day before. It seems we have been following acdc in both Switzerland and Spain. Our good buddy Norah from the band the Pleasure Fuckers In Madrid had a baby a year and a half ago. She named him Angus after Mr. Angus Young of course. Well she actually managed to bring her young Angus to meet and take a picture with Angus Young himself. Pretty damn cool. Big Angus wasn't actually that much bigger. A few people at our show brought pictures of Angus from the night before for me to see.

Hopefully tonight will rock as hard as last night but I don't know if that is possible. So far the city and weather is beautiful. We are surrounded by palm trees and the ocean right now. Last time we played here Blaine and I got food poisoning so I am sure this time will at least not result in us throwing up. Here's hoping!

See ya down the road

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