Monday, November 16, 2009



WHOLLY SHIT! WHAT A FUCKING PARTY! This may have been our best Halloween so far. Short story, we Rocked Denver and had a ball! The city itself warmed up for our arrival.

Long story - If you're on Twitter you'll know already I had the most entertaining flight of my life cause the guy sitting next to me was none other than Smokin Joe Kelly; (he's the Honky here) The guitarist for none other than Ike and Tina Turner. Was he ever floored to find out not only had the chick he got sat next to had;
A) heard him play on record (we have everything they ever did and tons of bootlegs)
B) plays Lead Guitar (his part)
C) we recorded and play Nutbush City Limits EVERYNIGHT!
D) Blaine and I recorded River Deep Mountain High (also Ike and Tina) with Miss Georgia Peach.

(you can see her butthole!)
(big Icky's butthole, not REAL Icky)

gak gak! Dr. Rockso's gonna get yer g-g-g-gak David...

But wait, there's more....

(I was banned on music television cause you can see my junk through my jumpsuit!)

AND to top it off one one of our many tours hightailing it home and hitting all our favorite eateries, we were driving outside Memphis to go to Gus's Famous Fried Chicken and as we drove right near Nutbush we lived out the Lyrics that Tina wrote about her home town. The Lyrics (which we sing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT) are
'45 IS THE SPEED LIMIT,YOU BETTER WATCH OUT FOR THE PO-LICE' and sure enough, racing to get chicken we get pulled over. I don't know why we thought they'd let us go when we told them "We're goin to Gus's" but it seemed like a good reason.

Anyways I spent the whole flight asking him for secret dirt on Ike and what he was like (Smokin Joe continued to play with him for years after Tina split) The big break up (he was there that night), how hard Ike rocked, how much crack was actually smoked, and of course the movie. We even had Wifi on the flight so we looked him up (he was the first white guy on Soul Train). Saw him getting his groove on back in the day, learning how to NOT dance like a young white kid from Conneticut.
Before I knew it we were landing. Needless to say, I heard some great tales and can't wait to get some more out of him next time we see him. He has a sweet hotel gig in Aspen right now otherwise he would have sat in playing Nutbush that night in Denver.

Do me a favour and sign up for Twitter (we're Bashfulpuppy) we've got some cool shit coming up and wanna invite as many Nashville Pussy fans as possible to participate. and plus you get the inside scoop on all the drunk crap we think is tweetworthy at 4am.

and even more...

So yeah, HALLOWEEN!! Kicked more ASS than ever!! There were some pretty full on costumes. Check out Dr. Rockso and Gene Simmons and yes, that dude is dressed as a Zombie Blaine. If you can't tell who we are this time. I'll give you some hints.
see ya down the road

I hear it's someone's b-b-b-birthday on the 5th of November! Oh yeah, it was m-m-m-mine!! So much fun I have to do it again this weekend (so I can find out what happened to those hours I lost) Blaine got me the new ACDC rarities box set that comes in a Mini Marshall Stack (that really works!!)

I spent my birthday at the MASTODON/METALOCALYPSE show in Atlanta. Blaine got me flowers and FIVE kinds of chocolate cake and THREE kinds of chocolate ice cream and a bottle of Bulleit my favorite Burbon.


Monday, October 26, 2009


Hello Pussy Posse!! We are home after one of the best tours we have ever embarked upon! what a fucking blast. I hope the ringing in my ears never goes away. This whole tour was invigorating. We're all going through withdrawls I think, I know I am.
Since my last Blog we played AUSTIN which was fantastic. Stubb's rules and we got to watch the bats do their nightly exodus from under the bridge. WOW! Like 45 solid minutes of Bats flitting out to wreak havock on the night bugs. Plus it was our buddy's Christina's birthday so we all wound up at her house to get smashed, literally - Our Buddy Billy (who's got no legs) somehow managed to bust a Lamp cover 10 feet off the ground. Kudos Billy. All of Texas was off the hook.
Canada was extra incredible. Friendly border crossings, perfect weather and a shitload of fans and friends and even a bunch of my cousins came out. I even got to reintroduce my parents to Lemmy in Vancouver. My father bears a striking resemblance to Lemmy's tech Tim. (I don't know who to feel more sorry for.) My old boyfriend who first turned me onto Motorhead got on my list in Seattle and we had the pleasure of sitting in Lemmy's court for an hour of drunken puns and historical references. I was wearing his Motorhead shirt when I was introduced to Blaine (who was also wearing his Motorhead shirt) otherwise, good chance none of this would have happened...
Blaine had the honour of introducing Jello Biafra to Mr. Lemmy Kilmister in San Francisco. Jello's 'friend' kept pestering Lem about if he was into D and D and 'gaming' and when Lem said 'No, definitely not' Jello said, in that voice of his, "So ends the Age Old Rumor of Lemmy Kilmister playing D and D".

The imfamous Tenacious D made it out to the Los Angeles show. Jack Black Showed off his new foam rubber 'guns' as he took the stage as roadie Eddie Riggs -a video game character he's promoting, to the point of hijacking the stage in between acts at the Motorhead show. Lemmy's son Paul even joined Motorhead onstage for Overkill. Backstage in LA was mayhem, Motorhead gave out 300 backstage passes so the place crawled with rock stars and security.

We got to hang with our Kentucky kin Earl Brown from Deadwood. He was also the retarted brother in Something About Mary.. you remember.. 'Franks and Beans!' but best of all he played MEATLOAF in the biopic. One of our old bass players, Corey, was in the opening band in LA and Blaine joined them on stage to do a cover of 'Mississippi Queen'. Lemmy gave him a '10 out of 10!' (Blaine wrote the words on his hands just in case...)

Whitey, Iggy Pop's crazy guitarist was there AND Phil Campbell introduced me to Carmine Appice from Cactus and Vanilla Fudge and Jeff Beck! WoW!

The last show in Vegas proved to be a slight letdown. Motorhead had to cancel because Lem's voice was shot to hell. Probably all 300 backstagers wanting to chat him up the night before! Regardless we still played to the packed house that turned up. Then in fine Las Vegas fashion we partied at Frank's Tiki Room until the sun was well up into the sky. ugh!

We went to ACDC as a nice reward for a tour well done, as usual they are stellar. Always raising the bar of energy and the blues.
We have only one show booked!! DENVER for Halloween! We have a tendancy to dress up so if you wanna join us for one helluva blow out, this one will be worth flying in for. It's at the Bluebird and will be our last show in North America for quite some time. Come out and dress up!
See y'all down the road
Ruyter and the Pussies! xox

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canadian MOTORHEAD!! Mikkey Dee is back!

Hey Y'all - if you've been lucky enough to get a ticket - these Motorhead Rev Horton Heat Nashville Pussy gigs have been some of the best shows we've played ever. What a fucking blast! Every night packed to the rafters and every night loud as fuck. It's been so much fun. After Mikkey split to do his reality show Matt Sorum came and whipped everyone into shape. Turns out he's a helluva cool dude - and looks good too!
Motorhead actually had to practice! But an what a show- everyone was sad to see him go.

But the return of the almighty Mikkey Dee fresh from the jungles of Malaysia has reminded everyone what a amazing drummer he really is. I think it's been good for Motorhead too. They're playing better than ever and you could tell it was good to have Mikkey back. Even though Phil had made up black armbands that read 'MISS YOU MATT' and wore them on stage you could tell he loved having Mikkey Back too!

We're just starting to get jungle stories out of Mikkey, yes he had to eat some bugs- some serious bugs. He said a 5 inch black beetle, and one of those huge bugs with a horn on it's head.. doesn't sound too delicious. I guess he came in third in the competition- which is pretty good. Didn't win but gave him a whole new perspective on life and rocking and rolling. You could tell how badly he needed to hit those drums as soon as he sat down.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Reverend Pussy Motor Tour!!

HELL YEAH!! Hello Pussy Posse!! We are currently in our own form of Rehab, ie taking a break from the Motorhead/Reverend Horton Heat tour- As NASHVILLE PUSSY was officially uninvited to play Disney's House Of Blues (even though we've already played there)
We decided to take the One show in five days as a vacation and come back to Atlanta while the tour plays on in Florida. We start driving again tomorrow to get to TEXAS where the tour picks back up in Houston, Dallas and Austin... etc etc.
The Global Warming Tour (as Motorhead calls it) is going Fanfuckintastically. Meeting up with Motorhead after 9 years since your last real tour with them was like slipping into an old pair of sneakers; comfortable, makes you feel good and slightly smelly.

The big news was Mikkey Dee was leaving the tour to do his reality show and was to be replaced by Matt Sorum. We got to hang with Mikkey and watch him kick extra ass (as Matt was watching) and when Matt took over in D.C. In fact we had a day off and Motorhead had to practice!! So far So good -not only is Matt a super cool dude with lots of good stories, he's also a quick learner and has managed to fill Mikkey's Swedish shoes with some seriously rocking ones of his own! In fact I would have to say the whole set has gotten a little more 'Rock n Roll'. It's fun watching Lemmy and Phil Campbell adjust to the new style- everyone is diggin it!

We have run into some cool old friends like Mike Inez from Black Label Society/Alice In Chains/Heart. The boys from VALIENT THORR, Priestess, Voivod, our old bassist Katie Lynn Campbell, Sean from White Zombie, Chris from Supagroup, Nikki Corvette and Amy from the GoreGoreGirls, A pack of the Sirens, Daniel Rey and so on and so on..
Nashville Pussy is on TWITTER! Someone has our name already so we are under the moniker BashfulPuppy. It's a great way to let us know what's up and keep y'all in touch with instant updates. Sign up and follow us on our adventure. search BashfulPuppy
There is a NEW Motorhead/Rev/Pussy CALGARY show being added on the 27th and a NASHVILLE PUSSY Halloween show in DENVER.

here are a few new cool interviews that have just come out

Here is the link to the Ruyter Suys DIY interview:

Hardtimes interview with Blaine, Karen and Ruyter in Montreal

POLLSTAR ran a great shot;

Feel free to keep writing into the Fan Message Board
and my blog here - I'll try and write back and answer as many questions as I can. It's been great meeting all of you who have come out on this tour at the merch booth after our show- we can't wait to meet the rest of y'all.

Keep Rockin and we'll see y'all down the road
Ruyter and the Pussies!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


HELL YEAH! What a fucking riot! Sturgis was everything I have heard and more! Thank god we got there a day early to get some serious local flavour and see what the fuss is all about.

Ok - for those of you who don't know STURGIS is a tiny town of not many thousand people that gets literally invaded once a year by up to 500,000 bikers, many of them on bikes! It is in absolutely beautiful South Dakota and really is the perfect place for riding a motorcycle. Georgeous scenery and friendly locals. We heard most of the locals dissapear during the rally and as soon as they're gone the grocery stores are full of old ladies who have been in hiding for the duration.

We lucked out and happened to have one friend who introduced us to many friends and gave us the royal tour. We hung out in Glencoe the campsite and got to ride on one of the most amazing machines I've ever witnessed. A fucking motorized couch! No Shit! Seems this bored genius decided to combine the chassis of a VW bug with a couch and a bar - this is the DRUNK DRIVING MAN in person!! The steering wheel even had a drink holder. George Jones would have been jealous.

We got to see lots and lots of boobies and even a few weiners there in 'Titty Alley' that night.

Everyone goes all out- it's kind of a hillbilly mardis gras but instead of floats - people make crazy rides out of anything, anything that'll tote tits! - one guy had buit a pirate ship with three stripper poles and plenty of ladies putting on a show. I saw a motorized beer cooler equipt with alarm and siren. 'Bikers entertaining bikers' was how it was explained to me. It was entertaining for sure.

We wound up at the Full Throttle Saloon to get on the zipline over the crowd. Again, some bored genius decided to buy an old bridge and run a zipline over the crowd to another old bridge - all this OVER the open bar which held at least 5,000 people. It turned out our old buddies the Last Vegas were on the stage as I was flying over the crowd on the zipline. We wound up back at the campsite in a zuchini, I mean, jacuzzi being pulled through Titty Alley. Me and a pile of half naked ladies driving down the dirt road sloshing water all over the onlookers and security guards. Not bad for the first night!
The next day we got to see the actual town of Sturgis and all the bikes lined up and all the campers on peoples lawns. We finally made it to our gig at the Broken Spoke - another massive Saloon out in the hills.

The show went great and we got to play in front of another pack of Virgins for the most part. Nashville Pussy Virgins that is... There was a VIP lounge to the side of the stage and they nearly broke through the floor rocking out to our set. We had a blast and a bunch of our new buddies from Glencoe came out to see if what they heard about us was true!

Once the glad handing was over we made it back to Titty Alley for a few more runs on the Couch and a couple of strong rides on the BUSHWACKER, (a very lady friendly blender, let's just say...)

We ran into Some of the guys from BlackBerrySmoke who'd played with Jackyl - lucky fuckers... and Yeah, if you haven't heard - Steven Tyler fell off the stage at the Aerosmith show at the Buffalo Chip campground. Cheech and Chong even played!
All in All - great time had by all- I got Bushwacked to say the least. One of those Blenders might be nice company when Blaine's on tour.

Thanks y'all for the ball. and the balls!

see y'all down the road
Ruyter and the Pussies

Monday, July 27, 2009

54,000 pussy fans can't be wrong and= 104 degrees in the Shade

Hello Pussy Posse!! We just got home from a fantastic little run in Europe. Sweden, Italy And France - what a blast!
First was Hulsfred In Sweden- We played here years ago with Tracy and it was good to be back, I think we were the only rock band there this year and our set was followed by none other than Ice Cube! WestSide! Personally, he should stick to acting. We met some cool people and made the best of it- It was strange playin early in the day and the weather was pretty dismal - but we had fun.
Next we flew down to the South of France and hung out at the beach near St.Tropez for a few days and got to celebrate Bastille Day with the locals - It was a party that went on into the wee hours with a local band that played every kind of music under the sun including 'Cotten Eyed Joe complete with French accent and accordian - corny and hilarious! After we all got sunburnt we took a train to Bologna for our next show - the RiotFest in Ravenna Italy. We got to spend the afternoon in Nice watching the turquoise waves crash against to pebble covered beach and overhearing more American accents than we'd heard in a while.
We happened to be in Italy on the hottest day in 50 years they said, and man it was hot. It was a small outdoor festival with only one other band and was easily a million degrees. I thought we might actually melt when we played. The thermometer said 44 degrees C- But I think it must have broken around 40 - cause that is nuts!
We got taken to one hell of a meal, maybe the best of our lives in Italy. It started with traditional cured meats and cheese as an appetizer, Parma ham, Mortadella and Pig, in about 5 other ways - so amazing. Skinny crisp bread sticks and warm soft Pita like bread. The entree was just ravioli, done absolutley perfectly. It was filled with spinach and ricotta and a light pure tomato sauce. The main course was rabbit. The meat had been flattened and rolled with procuitto then baked and sliced so each half inch thick slice was a little pinwheel of pork wrapped rabbit, served on a fresh pea puree, almost like a think Dutch pea soup with more fresh peas floating around in it and roast potatoes on the side. Of course, just when everyone is bursting the ice cream comes then espresso then a digestive herbal alcohol shot to make the 'food go down'. We then had 40 minutes to check into hotels and get our shit together before heading back to the festival site. As usual once we are filled with the best food in the world, we are led off to a stage somewhere to rock our asses off. The sun had set and it cooled off but I waited til the very last minute to put my pants off (too hot for clothes!)
While at the hotel I saw our big French festival on the Italian News - so it was going to be a big deal! The Italian show was good practice. Supposedly we'll have a French film crew 'shadowing us' as well as a few songs on National television and a pile of interviews a press conference and a few photo shoots, we had a busy day ahead.
RiotFest was a ball, an 'Intimate' evening if you will. We were dripping sweat just sitting down. The show went realy well, there were a pack of fans from all over Italy and as usual we wound up partying with the staff and the few fans who managed to sneak in backstage.
Next day we flew back to Paris and took another train to the Bretagne area of France. One of my favorite area of France because that is where Asterix is from!! (My Favorite Cartoon Gaul!) Bruce Springsteen was on the cover of every newspaper and news show as he had just played to 43,000 people the night before.
Congratulations to us! We kicked ass at Les Vieilles Charrues. We actually played to more people than Springsteen!! There were 54,000 on our night. Our press conference went very well, the translator had done us three times before at other big French festivals and is a huge fan, despite the fact he has to be in his 50's. He called Blaine a genius for his lyrics and our riffs and even referred to us as a political band. He is particularly fond of the fact we are two women and two men and he says this is what his generation was working towards with the equality of women and he sees us as a direct product of his efforts. We also did a photo shoot for Rolling Stone and I did one for Gibson and their 'I LOVE MY SG!" campaign, three radio interviews, one for Latin america and two for France We played at 12:30 at night right after 20 solid minutes of fireworks, perhaps the best opening act of all time. The audience was fantastic and to top it all off a sexy French guitar player from the very popular band before us gave me his phone number! WOW!
What a Blast - after our little tour we flew home and wound up on TV again at the Braves game! Next stop STURGIS!! See y'all down the road and hopefully at the Biker Fest!
Ruyter and the Pussies!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

If this is HELLFEST I don't want to go to HEAVEN(fest?)

Bienvenue!! WOW what a great weekend. We just got back to Hotlanta (fucking 95 degrees here) from Two fabulous shows in France! First we rocked Paris at The Nouveau Casino with none other than the infamous VOIVOD!!!
I was a big Thrash MetalHead in the teen 80's and these guys were definately on my short list of heros. I never had the chance to see them back in the day and as the years progressed I was scared to see them potentially devastate me by A) being a bunch of assholes or B) Suck Live, even worse than being assholes. Thank God it turns out A) they are super cool, friendly, smart and funny and B) RULE LIVE!!!! I was so relieved. Not only do I have a new favorite band I am also justified in loving them all these years. I phoned my mom to tell her VOIVOD STILL ROCKS!! I'm sure she was very relieved. Here's a shot of me and Blackie from the Vods.
Next day we drove to Clisson, only a few (5) hours from Paris, just far enough for us to get there really late and Miss both all our interviews AND our Autograph signing session (we are VERY SORRY) but we did not miss our slot of paying at 3:50 - the hour of ROCK that day! Wholly Shit what a great event. We did our thing, with maybe a little extra this time, because face it - we have no shows for at least two more weeks so what the fuck, whatever I do to myself onstage has plenty of time to heal before the next show!!
Our show was fantastic, a few technical problems, but to quote GIRLSCHOOL, 'that's what you get for being us!' But the Audience was on Fire. All 20,000 of them. The party continued off the stage and into the next day. As usual most of my recollections are one big BLUR but I know we had a ball with MAD SIN, the P-Shockabilly band from Germany. Two Tons of fun, and that's not just the lead singer. Here's Blaine with Hellvis of Mad Sin. And a shot of them on stage.
Some of the other bands playing were Motley Crue, Buckcherry, our homies from ATL- MASTADON, Girlschool, CLUTCH, HEAVEN AND HELL with DIO, DOWN, Backyard Babies, St.Vitus, Anthrax, WASP, The Entombed, Marilyn Manson, Machine Head, Kiling Joke, Misfits, Karma To Burn, Sacred Reich, The Cro-Mags, Manowar, Queensryche, Suicidal Tendancies, Orange Goblin, Napalm Death, KMFDM, and VOIVOD! needless to say, everyone's favorite band was the PASTORS OF MUPPETS - a 12 piece horn band with a drummer that played metal classics with lots of Metallica, done perfectly!
Needless to say - this was one of the most fun times we've had, and we have had our share, and a few other people's share too I'm sure.
The last few photos are of Dez Cadena of Misfits after a job well done and our Amazonian buddy Lucy from London who was in charge of 'artist comfort' - like spending 5 hours decorating Motley Crue's backstage in a Pirate Theme and a Dinosaur themed room for Clutch!
Thanks to everyone who was involved, can't wa it til next time! And finally a photo of 'the Australian Soup' for sale along with the SOUP OF DEATH!!
And by the way, Black is still the new Black.
See y'all down the road!