Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey ho!! We are finally back in Europe!! Even though Blaine and his Nine Pound Hammers were here in the same town just a mere month prior It's been at least a year for the Pussy since we disgraced this fabulous continent. It's already good to be back. Right now everyone has arrived in Antwerp from their many points of departure and we are rushing off to Amsterdam to pick up Jeremy's drums and stock up on some high test legal weed!

This tour we play a combination of big club gigs with the Reverend Horton Heat and a bunch of groovy festivals by ourselves including the Wakken Open Air fest with Iron Fucking Maiden!! It will be our second show ever with them, hopefully their guitarist won't fall off the stage during 'Number of the Beast' again and end the show like last time.

The second gig of the tour is at Amsterdam's Melkweg which is already looking dangerous because it seems like half of our worldly friend are flying in for the show, it should prove to be retarted. I don't know why we get treated with that town at the beginning of a tour. That should be the reward for a job well done. Thankfully we end in an equally fun town, London, at the good old Astoria where the ceiling was lit on fire last time we played. The entire capacity crowd was asked to vacate, pint glasses in hand, for an hour until the fire department declared it 'safe for rocking'. At which point every last person filed back in to do just that, and get a fresh pint as well by then. This time I'm sure we can rock without the fire department's ' intermission'.

The Rev hasn't played over here in at least 8 years we've been told so it should be an eye opener for them to get off our continent for a change. As much as I love touring the US and Canada, I do crave a good cup of coffee which even the shittiest of truckstops can deliver almost anywhere here. Nevermind the cheese and the beer and the weed!!

Wish us luck and we'll see ya'll down the road!!

P.s. Our buddy Hale is selling off some very interesting Nashville Pussy memorabilia at his website Check it out all the money goes straight to the newly founded Gas fund we've started. Evidently cheap gas is a endangered species now so we're going hybrid. Our new van will run on bald eagle heads and cocaine to save money.

Love and Rock from ruyter and the pussies!!