Sunday, October 12, 2008

Canuck Blog

So, we are three glorious day into our Canadian tour and it has already been fanfuckingtastic. The weather is perfect, the leaves are all turning crazy colours and the snow deprived Canadians are ready to explode with pent up adrenaline.

We had a handful of gigs in the states to bring us up here. Got to play 'Nutbush' with Miss Georgia Peach singing and Mr. Travis 'Ramo' Ramin on guitar in Minneapolis. Georgia and Blaine had a sexy screaming contest on stage. Hung out with our old sound guy Tim Mac. It was really heartwarming to catch up with some people who've known us since the beginning.

After the kindly border crossing allowed ALL of us in (thankyouthankyouthankyou) we took the ferry to Victoria where for the first timie in my life of taking that same ferry we saw whales!! There were like 7 Orcas around the boat feeding off Crabpots planted deep down. What a moment!

At the club I had instantly what can only be described as a typical Canadian experience. I met some cute little Island chick who we'd met years earlier in Toronto. Jeremy had snuck her in when she was underage. Now she was tanning hides to turn into drums on Saltspring island. She brought me some talismans for the road, an antique bottle with 1,000 year old Ojibway tobacco seeds in it, a buffalo tooth and 4 pennies squished by a train. Why that was typical I don t know, but it was a perfect moment And a touching beginning to the night. The show was great. Jesus Bonehead from the Dayglo Abortions brought us all schwag and an old lover turned up with a bunch of cool canadian redneck shirts for Blaine.

Vancouver always kicks ass. We did a retarted interview on CFOX and they actually played Nashville Pussy on the FOX!! I grew up listening to that station so to finally be on it is a sign that ROCK is ALIVE!!! Turns out everyone heard the 'interview' so we had a serioulsy packed house. My mom and dad included.

We met a shotputter who is qualifying for the 2012 olympic games in Vancouver and wants our version of 'Rock n Roll Outlaw' for his theme song. And no, one arm wasn't way bigger than the other.

A bunch of high school buddies of mine came out to party like no time had passed at all. We wound up at a late night chinese restaurant where they sneak you beer in a teapot after all the bars close. The code word is 'cold tea'. I ordered a whiskey too. And no code word was needed. Bad girls reunited, felt good.

Last night was Nelson. And as usual Nelson is fucking nuts. We heard the winner of the Cannibus Cup was grown here so we practiced up on our judging in case we get called off to Amsterdam to perform our duty in the area of expertice. You gotta stay sharp.

The show was nuts, there are a shitload of hot chicks in this crazy little burg. And they were going fucking bonkers in the audience. Gordie Johnston from Grady played harp on 'Lazy Jesus' with us and the audience loved it. We played at least 4 'one more song's right until they turned the house lights on and retired to the streets and house parties.

Right now we are off for more serpentine roads climbing through the mountains and more Pussy hungry Canucks.

See y'all down the road