Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back in the UK!

We just got off the ferry from Calais and are en route to London. Dover's filthy chalk cliffs never looked better! The immigration guy had seen us play before in London and he gave me one of his picks. His band is called Die Fishboy! He told me to Youtube it!

We are back in the short bus and trying to sleep as much as we can today as last nights sleep was broken up by gear transfer and packing and moving into shorty here.

The tour is at the halfway mark.



Vik said...

Can't f'n wait for tonight's show in London! Blasting out the new album as we speak...looking forward to some Hate and Whisky later! \m/

Neil said...

Yeah! The show rocked, been waiting forever for you guys to come back here. The last 2 times you played London I was out the country!

Show was awesome, though your guitar was a bit quiet! Got a pic taken with Blaine which made me a happy man.

Come back soon guys - you are always so welcome here.

Martin said...

I saw the amazing show in Brighton and I finally could talk to you, Ruyter.

I've already seen you in Brazil and I hope you go back soon to South America.

I've got some pictures with you and I'll try to send them to you asap.

Muchas gracias por tanto Rock'n'Roll!!

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