Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 Years of Pussy!! WEST COAST TOUR

PUSSY POSSEEEEEEE!!!! Its Me! - Ruyter!! How the fuck are y'all? It has been forever since I have written in this Blahg.. Nashville Pussy has been having a blast - Touring the states hard with Valient Thorr was ridiculously fun and over the top rocking night after night. We got to hang out with some of our favorite fans across the Right half of the US, hitting ever swimming hole, pool and ocean we could find (including one late night ice filled kiddy pool - thanks Jason, Trey, Carrie, Stacy, Dolinger, and everyone else who did my hair, took us swimming, gave me lingerie and let us sleep in the best bed in the house!) - This Friday we get to take this traveling circus on the US Left Coast (Tour dates right here baby)  - with just a taste of Canada - just to make it interesting! We start in SanDeigo , Costa Mesa, Hollywood. SanJose, San Fran, Reno, Bend, Portland, Seattle, Whistler, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Salt Lake City, Ft Collins, Denver, Albuquerque, Tempe, and the reward? Las Vegas!

  Blaine has just finished his US acoustic tour and is ready to turn it back up to 11 with Nashville Pussy again... Him and Nine Pound Hammer/Kentucky Bridgeburners Guitarist Earl Crim did some 'hard' road time with the hilarious women of BIRDCLOUD.. You gotta check these chicks out if you get a chance.
   We designed a kickass PETE YOU! shirt for the tour and so far sweet Pete hasn't asked us to stop..

 Blaine and I just LOVE ol Charlie Hustle and I am so happy to have this new shirt out there telling the world that we just think he's tops... and he belongs in the baseball hall of fame once Bud kicks off.. Yeah- I know a little bout this.. just a little though- Don't ask me any more baseball questions please. Despite the Phillies/Braves rivalry the fine folk at rush order tees still hooked us up sooooo last minute with this mega custom job and cheesesteaks were enjoyed by all!! Pete You!! shirts WILL be available on this tour. They came through big time and deserve the mention.
   TURKEY DAY approaches and we are headed to none other than one of America's most fine upstanding gentleman home in Bisbee Arizona.. That right folks- Nashville Pussy is having Thanksfuckingiving with infamous comedian Doug Stanhope. If we live through that night to play the first show - it'll be a miracle in itself. If you don't know who Doug Stanhope is - He is one of the most deplorable human beings I have ever had the opportunity to admire from a safe distance.. he's up there with the members of Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles - myself included. 

His 'comedy' is scathing and horrific and his own wikipedia page describes him as "America's Most Depraved Man" needless to say Turkey Day will be regrettable as usual but not for the regular familial reasons. Oh Lord I hope we pray before we eat!

(PS - East Coast in Feb and Europe In March!!!!!!!!!!)

Happy Bird-Day America!! (Us Canadians were thankful a month before y'all!)
Thanks anyways...

See y'all on the road!
Ruyter and all of us Nashville Pussies!

Friday, October 2, 2015


Blaine writes...


For those of you who don't already know, I'm doing an acoustic tour opening for Birdcoud in October. The dates are posted below. That brings up to 2 important questions.


I finally get to play these great songs I wrote in a situation where every brilliant, funny, dirty word can be heard loud and clear for the first time. I'll be playing favorites from both NASHVILLE PUSSY and NINE POUND HAMMER.

And I'll also have EARL CRIM from Nine Pound Hammer playing electric guitar with me. So it's not really all acoustic. At all.

We did several gigs like this back in January.

Believe me, we rock these songs up like fucking crazy. You'll dig the shit out of it, I promise.
Next Question!


They are 2 very, very hot chicks that sing dirtier and sometimes funnier songs than I do!! No shit!
Just checkout their brilliant videos like Washing My Big Ole Pussy and Fuck You Cop on YouTube and you'll know why they're my favorite band.


There's also another band on the bill called MOUNTAIN SPROUT. They are real Arkansas hillbillies who play wild authentic bluegrass.

It's going to be a great show! Fucking great!

The dates are below!

Thursday October 8, Sellersville PA  Sellersville Theater
 Friday October 9, Asbury Park NJ  The Saint
 Saturday October 10, New York NY   The Bowery Electric
 Sunday October 11, Piittsburgh, PA  Thunderbird Cafe
 Tuesday October 13, Cleveland, OH    Beachland Tavern
  Wednesday October 14, Cincinnati, OH     The Motr Pub
  Saturday October 17, Little Rock AR     Juanita's
   Sunday October 18, Springfield MO     Outland
   Tuesday October 20, Omaha, NE     Reverb
    Wednesday October 21, Lawrence, KS      Bottleneck
    Thursday October 22, St Louis, MO       The Demo
     Friday October 23, Chicago, IL       Red Line Tap
    Saturday October 24, Rock Island IL      Rock Island Brewing Co.
     Sunday October 25, Minneapolis MN       Nomad World Pub
     Monday October 26, Madison, WI      The Frequency
     Tuesday October 27, Fort Wayne IN         Brass Rail
      Friday October 30, Memphis TN      Hi Tone Cafe

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blaine loves to smoke your weed!! NINE POUND PUSSY!!

Good question. Yes, I'm actually taking a newly acquired acoustic guitar and going on a tour singing some of the best songs I've ever written.
Why? Not sure yet. But it's going to be fucking fun!
I have Earl Crim sitting in and adding some tasty licks and rocking solos on his
 beat up telecaster every night.
We've been jamming for the last 3 days and came up with a great set list.
See this tour if you can. 
It might not ever happen again. 


Oh yeah! I'll also be carrying some rare Pussy stuff for sale that you'll only find at my 
shows on this tour.
I'll also be around to sign anything you want me too, shoot the shit, and smoke your weed.
See you on the road! 
All the dates are on the NASHVILLE PUSSY Facebook page!