Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rules of Comedy, Explained by Example

Okay!! Day motherfucking one! Yee haw! Back in Europe, back in France!! Kick ass show in Strasbourg. Stellar audience! The Supersuckers rock, but have to cut their set short so Dan Bolton can go back to the airport to go through customs to get his luggage that the airline has lost. You would think the rock gods had their fun? No! We fall asleep on the bus to the whiskey laden dreams that is our vocation only to be awoken to the tune of 'FIRE!!! Everyone grab your passports and get off the bus!' We follow suit. Stood on the side of the road, somewhere between France and Switzerland watching the billows of smoke churn out the rear end of our fancy new bus. Luckily there was no actual flames, but enough smoking to cause us to stop tout de suit! A tourist bus full of children stopped for our sorry asses and kindly decided to drive us as far as the Swiss border where now, we wait. For what? We don't really know. A new bus has been dispached to transport our gear and hopefully pick us up as well, untill then Nashville Pussy has taken up residence at the French/Swiss border and will be sleeping on the curb until we are admited into the country, with guitars and vehicle. We remain, rocking, though mostly in spirit. A slightly smoke scented spirit, but rocking none the less! Excelsior!
At least the coffee and the company is good even if it is 5am dark, and busless. Hopefully tomorrow will be kinder.
Love and rock!
Ruyter and the pussies!

We are at the gig, new 'apology' bus coming with our merch and is currently stopped at the border about an hour and a half away. But we have our gear and our health and our awesome attitude! What caught on fire was actually the fucking motor so it's a good thing we got out when we did. All is fair in love and rock and roll.
R and B