Monday, January 12, 2015

Blaine loves to smoke your weed!! NINE POUND PUSSY!!

Good question. Yes, I'm actually taking a newly acquired acoustic guitar and going on a tour singing some of the best songs I've ever written.
Why? Not sure yet. But it's going to be fucking fun!
I have Earl Crim sitting in and adding some tasty licks and rocking solos on his
 beat up telecaster every night.
We've been jamming for the last 3 days and came up with a great set list.
See this tour if you can. 
It might not ever happen again. 


Oh yeah! I'll also be carrying some rare Pussy stuff for sale that you'll only find at my 
shows on this tour.
I'll also be around to sign anything you want me too, shoot the shit, and smoke your weed.
See you on the road! 
All the dates are on the NASHVILLE PUSSY Facebook page!