Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Hello Pussy Posse - Happy Mother and Father Fucking 2010! Hell Yeah! I can't wait- this year is gonna be a ball. So Far So Good. Last December for Xmas I had an early surprise in my stocking, I got a text from our old merchandise guy that I am in PLAYBOY! Nice of Playboy to tell me beforehand.. anyways, save your hard earned cash here's the picture

Our New Years show was really swell. We haven't seen each other in a while so it was good to get messy with the band and man did it get messy! I think we're still cleaning up from the after party... or at least still finding weird clothes around the house!
We are only home for few weeks before we head to Denver for a one off party at Three Kings - for those of you who had to work the last Halloween show - now's your chance to come and party with us. Then we're off to Europe for Febuary - should be nice and warm right?
Blaine and I are cleaning out the basement- we are finding all sorts of cool shit/merchandise and are slowly making everything available to the fans through our website - Most of the stuff we can't sell on the road because they will get destroyed in transport; Old Promotional Posters, A Cassette! Our Say Something Nasty Picture disc, the newest Nashville Pussy IN LUST WE TRUST beltbuckle, the Military Patch, some cool Nine Pound Hammer Cd's, Keychains, Tote Bags, guitar picks and more as we slowly dig our way through the basement. I don't have a proper way to show you all this so I'm gonna stick a bunch of photos right here for y'all to check out.

While we are home we can offer the rare opportunity to get your merchandise AUTOGRAPHED and even Personalized by me and Blaine. So if you have always wanted a NASHVILLE PUSSY Tote Bag for your laundry or records - but wanted one that read 'To BOB- the best fuck in Dallas, Love Ruyter and Blaine - NOW is the time. We never get to offer anything like this directly to the fans (because we're never home) so take advantage while we are still in Atlanta.
Fuck the jackass on ebay selling autographed drum heads for 125 bucks - this money goes directly to the band and keeps us on the road. (ps a couple of autographed drum heads coming soon..) Besides - the Autograph is FREE! You don't have to hang out at the backstage door in the cold just in case we actually LEAVE the bar before your ride leaves.

You can't get any of this shit anywhere but here.

Thanks! See y'all down the road
Ruyter and Nashville Pussy