Saturday, April 11, 2009

Leaving the Continent ...

We are driving on the road to Calais, we switch from our huge double decker back to the short bus AND lose our incredible merch woman Anika from Holland. We are sad to lose her to Cradle of Filth. Then we start the UK part of the tour. I only hope we can downsize all our souvenirs to fit the new mini bus.

The last show on the continent was spectacular. We sold out the Astrolabe in Orleans and made Jean Juc proud. We drank the Nashville Pussy wine from Chris the wine man from Bordeaux with our new crew and old crew. It was delicious. It had our Jesus logo and Blaine's lyric on the label 'he walked on wine'. Fabulous! Stefane our old TM was back from Darfour where he worked with Doctors Without Borders, and Steven was there who did our sound for years and Remy for 10 years ago and Bertrand and on and on. I had the honour of giving away a Gibson SG on stage to a lucky winner. Nice fucking guitar too!

The show was very very good. It is a pity we have to leave France so soon. But London will be a nice reward! We have a lot to do in the UK. And most of it is eating!!! And rocking too.

Much love from the road!

Happy Easter


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The Wine Man said...

Hell Yeah!

Well I'm glad that the new vintage of NP wine pleased you :-)
French fans have great memories from the last shows and we are waiting for Pussies to be back for summer gigs!!
Enjoy you trip in UK and rock them all!!!

Chris The Wine Man ;-)