Wednesday, July 2, 2014


NEW SHIRTS AVAILABLE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY!! We are currently resting back at Pussy Manor between tours. And we have our 2 new killer shirt designs right here with us. BUT BE WARNED- When we start the next tour, this valuable stash of cool merchandise is going with us. Get them while they last!! So they are only available until July 22nd. You can order them from THE RARE SHIT STORE at Get'em before they are gone!
A NEW DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW!! That's right! Episode 3 of the Drunken Rock Show is available for streaming on the home page of Slinging Pug Radio. These just keep getting better. I'm very proud of this one. As usual I let the music and alcohol do most of the talking. This time however, I replace the the vodka with some legal Denver weed, as I recorded the podcast live on tour in Colorado! The show has got an ever growing cult. A growing cult? Does that make me the new Charles Manson? Well, one can dream. Let me put it this way. The new podcast starts off with a song by LUCIFER'S FRIEND called RIDE THE SKY. If that doesn't interest you then you are no friend if mine! And as usual, IT'S FUCKING FREE!!
PIGSTOCK 2014!!!!! We are proud to announce PIGSTOCK, a weeklong radio concert broadcast of the world's greatest bands. It will take place in August. So far we have ACDC, ALICE COOPER, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, THE FACES, THIN LIZZY, THE DICTATORS, with many more to come. AND IT''S FREE at slingingpigradio!!!
Check it out!! Ruyter made the Wall Of Fame at HELLFEST this year!!
I FUCKING HATE COMMERCIALS I don't want to sound like those assholes over at PBS, but we have some cool packages for any and all you good rocking souls out there who want to contribute to Slinging Pig Radio. We have a commercial license for the radio station. But commercials are awful. Fucking awful. And I don't want to piss all over the euphoria that you feel when listening to Slinging Pig Radio by having some screaming jackass interrupt the rocking by trying to sell you a bunch of crap that you probably don't need. Car Insurance, yoghurt, diapers, phone plans, Christian dating services and spaghetti. I hate all that shit. Commercials are the worst and I'm not having any part of it. Not on our station! Also Slinging Pig Radio is a totally legal station. We do pay royalties on what's played. And I'm constantly purchasing new tunes to add to the rotation. So if any of you feel like joining me in this Holy Quest to keep rock alive, please check the home page of Slinging Pig Radio and check out the cool things you can get by donating. This radio station is great. I'm very proud of it. No Shit. Thank you for listening. UP THE DOSAGE 2014 TOUR DATES here! keep track with the Pussy APP! - It's FREE!!
PS - When life gives you lemons....

Friday, May 2, 2014

SUPERPUSSY TOUR!! - or PUSSY SUCKER? either way.. Hail Jesus!

HEY Y'ALL YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!! In honor of the upcoming NASHVILLE PUSSY/SUPERSUCKERS TOUR, slingingpigradio is having a SUPERPUSSY month! And it's already started. YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!!
We are not only playing tons and tons of tunes by both these great bands, but also some timeless inspirational rockers from our heroes and peers like Motorhead, Montrose, Danko Jones, Zeke, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Gary Glitter, Link Wray, Black Sabbath. It's a literal "Who's Who Of Who's Great"!! It's the ultimate rock n' roll playlist and the best format we've had here yet at YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!! So check it out. It's free!! HAIL JESUS!!!
We just received a box of the previously sold out cd THE KENTUCKY BRIDGEBURNERS HAIL JESUS!! Get one while you can at the Rare Shit Store at And if you order one before May 19 I will personally autograph it. You can also buy them and other classic super rare Pussy memorabilia (singles, posters, CDs) at all the Nashville Pussy shows. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but I'm very, very proud of HAIL JESUS and I think everyone in the world should own a copy. WE NEED A FAVOR FROM OUR FANS
I'm going to turn it over to Ruyter to tell you about this. Take it baby--- "Hey everybody!! Vote for our niece Kalee's high school!! Kalee's is part of a "VANS team" where they design and paint VANS shoes. Her team has already won from this region. They are now trying to win the Southeast region for the country. It is based on public vote. If they win, they get $50,000 for their school's art program as well as a trip to New York. You can vote once from each IP address. We would appreciate any votes you can cast at ... it's like supporting the arts and 'Doing It For The Kids' Because everyody knows Nashville Pussy fans are connoisseurs of the arts in all forms - even sneakers. Thanks!!!! Spread the word:) She goes to EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL!! in the SOUTHEAST Region Thanks Ruyter!
Seriously, my family has put up with my crude attention getting antics for years without once criticizing, complaining or casting judgement. So by getting our fans to vote on the vans is just a our small way to help pay back these good Kentucky folk. NO CUSSING!! And out of respect for my family, I haven't cussed once in this blog! Not once. I promise to return to being the love able foul mouth hillbilly on the next writing. BUT, for those who got the need to hear me curse sooner than that, you should listen episode 2 of THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW! It's available for streaming at Slinging Pig Radio and it's full of drinking, cussing and rocking. And in the immortal words of Bill Cosby "if you're not careful you just might learn something". Actually I had originally thought that I made that quote up. But as I just wrote those words I remembered that was the opening introduction each week for FAT ALBERT. That means it's time to get back to writing some Hammer tunes. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK KIDS!!! Blaine Cartwright PS Dont forget to go to Facebook and DIG THE PIG!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hey Y'all!! Nine Pound Hammer teaser, UP THE DOSAGE Tour USA!!, The PIG!!

HEY Y'ALL Check all this shit out. HAMMER RECORD And it begins! We've started rehearsing new Nine Pound Hammer songs for the new record. Don't believe me? Well suck on this!! Here's a link to a short video showing me and Rob jamming to a new classic cowpunk ditty. Just click this: Hammer Teaser
We'll be entering Nitrosonic, the world's coolest studio, in early May. Well-wishers can send all flowers, cards, candy, album title suggestions, cover requests, hookers, hot sauce, and buckets of chicken to the address on the Nitrisonic website. And speaking of chicken!! DID YOU SEE THAT BADASS VINTAGE 1979 FENDER AMP I'M PLAYING IN THE VIDEO?!! Well, right now it's mine but it could be yours. After our preproduction it's going on eBay, here's the link. Blaine's Badass Vintage '79 Fender It's a great amp and it's served both bands well. But I've become a bit of a music equipment hoarder. And I'd rather have someone else using it than than keep bumping into it while I'm rocking out in our practice space. And for you Hammer fanatics, it officially had the first notes of the new Hammer record on it. If you decide to buy it you can rest easy knowing that a generous portion of the proceeds will go to my favorite charity "Chicken For Me". "Chicken For Me" is about people from all walks of life coming together to buy me chicken. It's beautiful. THE PIG IS GETTING FATTER We just added several thousand songs to the repertoire here at Slinging Pig Radio. And the PIG's belly is about to burst! And he loves it! Right now there's a little more varied format and both the listeners and critics are raving. You might here Black Sabbath then Link Wray then Clutch then Bo Diddley then The Sex Pistols then Hank III then some old r&b then some classic country. Oh, and lots of Humble Pie! It's all great and it's all FREE!! Just go to Go there. Stay there. And never leave.
THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW IS THE "BREAKING BAD" OF PODCASTS I really don't know which is lamer, having a podcast or a blog. Now I have both. Even the words "blog" and "podcast" reek of impending boredom. Most podcasts are done by wanna be comedians to an imaginary audience. But THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW is about celebrating the time tested teaming of a little alcohol and a lot of great music. I'm calling it the Breaking Bad of podcasts because it's all I'm going to talk about for a while and if you haven't listened to it and we run into each other I will yell at you about it. I guarantee that you will always hear some cool tunes that you haven't heard before-- AND IT'S FUCKING FREE!! Just go to where it can be streamed and downloaded. That's it until I feel the urge to write again. But remember one thing UP THE DOSAGE IS AMAZING!!! Everyone thinks so and you will too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Highjacked!! Blaine Cartwright takes over Rambling with Ruyter!! SLINGING PIG!!

The Following information comes directly from the fingers of none other than Blaine Cartwright himself!
Hell Yeah Everybody, Here's what's going on right now. I assume that everyone has already got UP THE DOSAGE , the best Pussy record yet, so here's some other shit you guys should know about. THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW That's my new podcast. Yeah, I hate the word "podcast", very lame. So are almost all podcasts though. But this one is very different and way way better than all of them. This is more like being a party at Pussy Manor, drinking while I go through my record collection and playing basically what the hell I want to. It's way less talk and way more rock than any other show out there. I promise that you'll always hear several songs and bands that you wouldn't hear otherwise. I just finished my much improved 2nd show and it's really cool. You can stream it on the home page of AND IT'S FUCKING FREE!!! SLINGING PIG RADIO By the time you read this it will back to full time rocking!!! Recently our original slinging pig generator exploded from too much rock and had to undergo surgery. Thanks to everyone for all the get well cards and letters. But The Pig has fully recovered and can now hold more rocking tunes than ever. So give it a listen because it's great. AND IT'S FUCKING FREE!!!! Leave me a message on our Facebook page
KICKSTART I just want to keep all my supporters updated. If you remember, last time I talked about how I had plans to finish up the Pussy record and record a new Hammer record before The Kentucky Bridgeburners record our new masterpiece. Well the Pussy album is out and it's amazing. And right now Hammer is working up new songs. We just played a few gigs that were all great. I think we sound better than ever. And after hearing how good the new Pussy is, the boys in Hammer want to make sure our new album is equally as good. So we're probably be finished recording in mid summer of this year. After that KYBB will produce our "Exile On Mainstreet". And all will be right with the world.
Also NASHVILLE PUSSY will be near you soon! New dates will be announced any day now!! We sound great! Thanks for your support. I'll keep churning out the great music as long as y'all keep listening. And please tell a friend how great we are. I plan on ruling the world by the time I'm 55. That gives me 5 years. That should be enough time...
Thanks!!!! See you on the road or on the PIG! PS our housekeeper at Pussy Manor Esmerelda has uncovered a bunch of old awesome NASHVILLE PUSSY posters and has shipped them off to be available to the public any day now via the Rare Shit Store! Blaine Cartwright

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Europe Kicked ASS!! LEMMY=LAZY JESUS!! Time to hit the pool!! NEW MUSIC NEW TOUR!!

Hello Pussy Possee!! Life has been a whirlwind as usual! A wonderful crazy sonic. whirlwind.
Me and Blaine JUST got out of Nitrosonic Studios in Lexington KY where we recorded his latest band's debut album. The Kentucky Bridgeburners - 'HAIL JESUS'.
It's a GOSPEL album..all about Jesus. And damn good if I may say so myself. I was on the bench for most of it but got to play guitar on a couple tracks, MOOG on one and Rhodes on another as well as add my slavewoman having her baby taken away from her - vocals on a few...It also features Earl Crim and Rob Hulsman from Nine Pound Hammer and Todd Gorrell kicking ass on bass. We had a blast and turned it around in 6 days! On the 7th day we rested...and decided track order. We'll be putting it out on our own Slinging Pig Label and it'll be available from the website exclusively and at gigs.

In case you missed it this past Euro tour was one of our best yet and soon we'll have a LIVE disc for y'all to prove it. While in KY one of my jobs was to go through all the live recordings our sound guy Mark did for an upcoming bonus on our re release of FROM HELL TO TEXAS.
We have re-mixed FROM HELL TO sounds amazing. And LEMMY sings on LAZY JESUS!!! That's right- he sings the voice of GOD!!
Both'll be out this summer and they sound fanfuckingtastic!

So here's a shitload of pictures...

Lady destruction Week by week..



Pregnancy Test in a vending machine!!! Maybe Baby!! (next to condoms)


This town is gay

NASHVILLE PUSSY ON TOUR- new dates right here!!! PUSSY ON TOUR

See you at the pool!

PS Rock N Roll Spring Cleaning Sale in the Rare Shit Store!!

We have too much ROCK in our basement so we're spreading it around the world. Y'all come get a heaping helping full.

'FROM HELL TO TEXAS' cd jewel case 9.99 plus 2$ shipping Domestic 4$ shipping outside NorthAmerica
NINE POUND HAMMER's 'COUNTRY CLASSICS' wallet style cd 9.99 plus 2$ shipping domestic 4$ shipping outside NorthAmerica

Any order over 40$ gets a FREE set of NASHVILLE PUSSY PICKS (one of Ruyter, Blaine, Karen and the band)

a combo cd package of the following;
'HIGH AS HELL' promo cd
'FROM HELL TO TEXAS' Cd Jewel case
Nine Pound Hammer - 'COUNTRY CLASSICS' cd
and Nashville Pussy's latest release 'LIVE IN RENNES 1998' cd

Buy all 4 for 35$ including shipping within NorthAmerica and 39$ including shipping outside of NorthAmerica

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles Explode!! NASHVILLE EUROEURO PUSSY!!

Hey Y'all! Short Blog today..

The NASHVILLE PUSSY Euro tour is going gangbusters, the weather has been exceptional so far. The crowds have been great and the cheese is even better!

While we've been out here slugging it out- DICK DELICIOUS and THE TASTY TESTICLES are exploding all over youtube with their first video 'I WANNA KILL THE BLACK EYED PEAS' - for those of you who don't know, I had the honour of playing on the new album 'A VULGAR DISPLAY OF OBSCURITY'. And they decided to let this single drop right in time for the Superbowl, when Black Eyed Pea hatred would be at it's peak (but I hear it's growing)

Check out the video, it even got picked up by the NRA website... next stop Sarah Palin!

The new album features guest appearances from Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys from Nashville Pussy, Brent Hinds, Troy Sanders and Bill from Mastodon, and Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth!

follow Dick D. and our herpes like takeover of the musical world here

Nashville Pussy is in Portugal for a few days then back to Espana and ....the rest of Europe. Dates are here
Come join the's a good 'un.


Monday, January 24, 2011

War Is Hell! I'm back from NAMM and off to Europe so let's Party! ATL Pussy Style!!

Hello Pussy Posse! We are sick of the fucking cold and we need to party! Atlanta needs a good old NASHVILLE PUSSY style party - with all our friends - so we invited some of our favourite local bands to perform at our FIRST annual event.
It's a Southern Rock Ho-down - BUT - This ain't your daddy's southern rock....but he can come too. It's NASHVILLE PUSSY Headlining, BIGFOOT (ex Artimus Pyledriver ex - Evils) and Stone Mountain Freeway (ex Artimus Pyledriver) and Six Shot Revival - who we just saw for the first time at the Clairmont last thursday and they kick ass.
It'll be a let your hair down get sweaty and get laid kinda night. This Thursday Jan 27th at the Masquerade! Be there!

It's our last blow out before we go to Europe for a month so come see us off in style! Dates right here..

I went to the Lemmy Movie Primiere in LA with Corey Parks. Lemmy sat right between us two old pussies. Corey Parks and I did the Red Carpet like old times and promoted our new project together - the NASHVILLE PUSSY LIVE IN RENNES CD from back in '98 when Corey was still in the band. The New Rennes Live cd available ONLY here

Steve Vai on Lemmy's Red Carpet

Pretty fucking good movie but it could use more footage of Nashville Pussy!! How can you go wrong with a subject like LEMMY- Lemmy is God. The Rainbow was lit up that night. I whiskeyd with Lem's son Paul, Sean Yseult and Chris Lee of Supagroup and even managed to get away from Phil Campbell before things got out of hand.

Ruyter Suys, Chris Lee and Sean Yseult

Ruyter Suys, Phil Campbell - and his awesome ride

We finally finished tracking and mixing of the latest Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles album which I play and sing on along with Blaine and members of Mastodon and Brutal Truth. This New Album is INCREDIBLE - our first listening party produced a nosebleed!

Not only does it ROCK - it's fucking HILARIOUS!Justin Walden with special cupcakes, Ruyter with champagne, Jay Quinlan and Scott Waldrop with celebratory Bud Light

NAMM - was pretty incredible. Like Guitar Centre on Steroids.. Out of 80,000 visitors I managed to make a spectacle of myself as usual - I could not resist climbing up on that beautiful wall of Marshalls and getting a few pictures taken. Sorry to distract from the Mick Mars signing.... Within a few days I got an Email from Mr. Paul Marshall himself saying he'd love to see the photo with a 'lady' with Marshalls for a change from some sweaty arsed man.

Paul Marshall called me a LADY!!!

Our good friend Michael from Fender is hooking me up with this Wayne Kramer MC5 Strat!! Gibson of course was awesome- Brenden Small of Metalocalypse was showing off his new Explorer- might have to get one of them too..

I hung with our producer Justin Z Walden (Korn, Sevendust, Guns and Roses, Dick D), Derek from the B-Movie Rats/Angus Kahn and Jay (aka Dick D.) from Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles and even wore a Dick Delicious dress that read 'I Was Voted Most Likely to Have Sex With A Goat While Worshipping Satan On Heroin'. Besides fiddling with all the newest toys I got stopped to take a lot of pictures and sign autographs. I was like Ron Jeremy at the AVN's; basically a kid in a candy store! We even met Rupert Neve!

Mr. Rupert Neve and Justin Walden getting some direct magicc
We thanked him for making us sound so good. I wandered with our old A&R guy Tom Zutaut, said hey to Megadeth, Mastodon, HellYeah, and a pack of rockers... Hung out with the guys from SLAYER, sweet Dimebags Hag Rita was in charge of doling out I'm not gonna say WE got kicked out of NAMM but...

Kathyrn and Jeff Hanneman, Ruyter Suys

Kerry King says 'hello'
.....things got messy - our buddy was 'escorted with extreme prejudice' from the backstage of Dave Lombardo's signing after he (let's just call him 'Peter the Dickass') got so drunk he couldn't stand and fell right on top of Carmine Appice - at least he picked one of the best drummers in the world to wipe out on then roll on the floor past the curtain and pretty much straight out the door. After our graceful exit we drank into the wee hours with an endless open bar at the EMG party. Slayer's Dave Lombardo sang us all into submission with his rendering of 'We Are The Champions' accompanied on Grand Piano no less...fucking class motherfuckers. I cannot believe we are professional musicians sometimes.. well all the time actually. Thank you EMG - that rocked!
So yeah- NAMM was kinda great. War ain't hell-it just sounds that way.

(Thanks again Chad Lee for letting me steal photos and Samoan Joe and BL Dave for guarding our 'bodies')

see y'all down the road!