Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rock and a hard place

HELLO Pussy Posse! Welcome to our new, slowly renovated Website and MY first ever BLOG! A lot has been happening with the PUSSY lately even though we've been on 'vacation' writing the new album - so I thought I'd drop in and say HIGH!

Most recently we celebrated 10 years of a successful Menage et trois. Blaine and I and Jeremy have been playing in NASHVILLE PUSSY for ten years now! Who had any idea we'd be presenting Jeremy with a trophy for 10 years of dedicated service in our backyard with a cast of miscreants and other heathens to celebrate the milestone. I think ten years is the Hamburger anniversary isn't it? Maybe It's the Whiskey anniversary - either way we had it covered and we all had a ball.

At this very moment Blaine and I are awaiting word that Jeremy might be the winner of a Burt Reynolds style scavenger hunt al la Smokey and the Bandit. Him and Adam (ex drummer of the Drugs and the 45's) and Mr. Tom Jergowitz started off at 8 am from Atlanta towards Texarcana to get a case of COORS! There was supposed to be 20 teams leaving from here this morning for the10 hour non race - but last night was the Burt a thon at the drive in and therefore only 5 teams actually started the race. The winner gets a car, an old trans am or something- but I'm still waiting to hear that it's a matchbox car... Anyways - Team Remo was the first to get there with all the scavanged Photos they had to collect to get points and now we just wait........ should be any minute now!!

This past weekend was quite nuts - we had the first Saturday night off as a band in New York City in the history of Rock bands who don't live in New York City! - Oh and we had a couple of gigs too. The Boat Cruise - was... a lot of fun, we rocked a shitload - but we didn't get to see the Statue of Liberty as promised - and for some reason we were still playing while we docked. Someone needed a watch or something. The next day was ASBURY LANES! This place rules and is truly the gem of Asbury. Like a time machine back to a groovier time full of hipsters from hell. We played right on a stage built over the lanes while Texas Chainsaw/ Car Crash/ Burlesque stuff played on a movie screen behind us. The audience was very cool but the atmosphere was outrageously fantastic - anyone near this place HAS TO GO! We played with none other than Scott Biram and SWASHBUCKLE a pirate metal band, aarrrrrr.

Saturday we spent a working man's hours at MANTOBA'a swell bar - getting told Rock stories form Daddy Dick. Again swell time had by all- but this time we were the audience. Mr. Daniel Rey was there and we are making plans for the future!!! Hint Hint.

So welcome to the blog- please feel free to leave me messages on the message board - Blaine will have his BLAINE SEZ blog up and added to before you know it also. please send us any cool photos from any of the gigs and we'll find em a home.
see y'all down the road - wish Jeremy Luck - I want a ride in his new car!!!