Friday, May 2, 2014

SUPERPUSSY TOUR!! - or PUSSY SUCKER? either way.. Hail Jesus!

HEY Y'ALL YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!! In honor of the upcoming NASHVILLE PUSSY/SUPERSUCKERS TOUR, slingingpigradio is having a SUPERPUSSY month! And it's already started. YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!!
We are not only playing tons and tons of tunes by both these great bands, but also some timeless inspirational rockers from our heroes and peers like Motorhead, Montrose, Danko Jones, Zeke, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Gary Glitter, Link Wray, Black Sabbath. It's a literal "Who's Who Of Who's Great"!! It's the ultimate rock n' roll playlist and the best format we've had here yet at YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS!! So check it out. It's free!! HAIL JESUS!!!
We just received a box of the previously sold out cd THE KENTUCKY BRIDGEBURNERS HAIL JESUS!! Get one while you can at the Rare Shit Store at And if you order one before May 19 I will personally autograph it. You can also buy them and other classic super rare Pussy memorabilia (singles, posters, CDs) at all the Nashville Pussy shows. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but I'm very, very proud of HAIL JESUS and I think everyone in the world should own a copy. WE NEED A FAVOR FROM OUR FANS
I'm going to turn it over to Ruyter to tell you about this. Take it baby--- "Hey everybody!! Vote for our niece Kalee's high school!! Kalee's is part of a "VANS team" where they design and paint VANS shoes. Her team has already won from this region. They are now trying to win the Southeast region for the country. It is based on public vote. If they win, they get $50,000 for their school's art program as well as a trip to New York. You can vote once from each IP address. We would appreciate any votes you can cast at ... it's like supporting the arts and 'Doing It For The Kids' Because everyody knows Nashville Pussy fans are connoisseurs of the arts in all forms - even sneakers. Thanks!!!! Spread the word:) She goes to EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL!! in the SOUTHEAST Region Thanks Ruyter!
Seriously, my family has put up with my crude attention getting antics for years without once criticizing, complaining or casting judgement. So by getting our fans to vote on the vans is just a our small way to help pay back these good Kentucky folk. NO CUSSING!! And out of respect for my family, I haven't cussed once in this blog! Not once. I promise to return to being the love able foul mouth hillbilly on the next writing. BUT, for those who got the need to hear me curse sooner than that, you should listen episode 2 of THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW! It's available for streaming at Slinging Pig Radio and it's full of drinking, cussing and rocking. And in the immortal words of Bill Cosby "if you're not careful you just might learn something". Actually I had originally thought that I made that quote up. But as I just wrote those words I remembered that was the opening introduction each week for FAT ALBERT. That means it's time to get back to writing some Hammer tunes. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK KIDS!!! Blaine Cartwright PS Dont forget to go to Facebook and DIG THE PIG!!