Friday, April 11, 2014

Hey Y'all!! Nine Pound Hammer teaser, UP THE DOSAGE Tour USA!!, The PIG!!

HEY Y'ALL Check all this shit out. HAMMER RECORD And it begins! We've started rehearsing new Nine Pound Hammer songs for the new record. Don't believe me? Well suck on this!! Here's a link to a short video showing me and Rob jamming to a new classic cowpunk ditty. Just click this: Hammer Teaser
We'll be entering Nitrosonic, the world's coolest studio, in early May. Well-wishers can send all flowers, cards, candy, album title suggestions, cover requests, hookers, hot sauce, and buckets of chicken to the address on the Nitrisonic website. And speaking of chicken!! DID YOU SEE THAT BADASS VINTAGE 1979 FENDER AMP I'M PLAYING IN THE VIDEO?!! Well, right now it's mine but it could be yours. After our preproduction it's going on eBay, here's the link. Blaine's Badass Vintage '79 Fender It's a great amp and it's served both bands well. But I've become a bit of a music equipment hoarder. And I'd rather have someone else using it than than keep bumping into it while I'm rocking out in our practice space. And for you Hammer fanatics, it officially had the first notes of the new Hammer record on it. If you decide to buy it you can rest easy knowing that a generous portion of the proceeds will go to my favorite charity "Chicken For Me". "Chicken For Me" is about people from all walks of life coming together to buy me chicken. It's beautiful. THE PIG IS GETTING FATTER We just added several thousand songs to the repertoire here at Slinging Pig Radio. And the PIG's belly is about to burst! And he loves it! Right now there's a little more varied format and both the listeners and critics are raving. You might here Black Sabbath then Link Wray then Clutch then Bo Diddley then The Sex Pistols then Hank III then some old r&b then some classic country. Oh, and lots of Humble Pie! It's all great and it's all FREE!! Just go to Go there. Stay there. And never leave.
THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW IS THE "BREAKING BAD" OF PODCASTS I really don't know which is lamer, having a podcast or a blog. Now I have both. Even the words "blog" and "podcast" reek of impending boredom. Most podcasts are done by wanna be comedians to an imaginary audience. But THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW is about celebrating the time tested teaming of a little alcohol and a lot of great music. I'm calling it the Breaking Bad of podcasts because it's all I'm going to talk about for a while and if you haven't listened to it and we run into each other I will yell at you about it. I guarantee that you will always hear some cool tunes that you haven't heard before-- AND IT'S FUCKING FREE!! Just go to where it can be streamed and downloaded. That's it until I feel the urge to write again. But remember one thing UP THE DOSAGE IS AMAZING!!! Everyone thinks so and you will too.