Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canadian MOTORHEAD!! Mikkey Dee is back!

Hey Y'all - if you've been lucky enough to get a ticket - these Motorhead Rev Horton Heat Nashville Pussy gigs have been some of the best shows we've played ever. What a fucking blast! Every night packed to the rafters and every night loud as fuck. It's been so much fun. After Mikkey split to do his reality show Matt Sorum came and whipped everyone into shape. Turns out he's a helluva cool dude - and looks good too!
Motorhead actually had to practice! But an what a show- everyone was sad to see him go.

But the return of the almighty Mikkey Dee fresh from the jungles of Malaysia has reminded everyone what a amazing drummer he really is. I think it's been good for Motorhead too. They're playing better than ever and you could tell it was good to have Mikkey back. Even though Phil had made up black armbands that read 'MISS YOU MATT' and wore them on stage you could tell he loved having Mikkey Back too!

We're just starting to get jungle stories out of Mikkey, yes he had to eat some bugs- some serious bugs. He said a 5 inch black beetle, and one of those huge bugs with a horn on it's head.. doesn't sound too delicious. I guess he came in third in the competition- which is pretty good. Didn't win but gave him a whole new perspective on life and rocking and rolling. You could tell how badly he needed to hit those drums as soon as he sat down.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Reverend Pussy Motor Tour!!

HELL YEAH!! Hello Pussy Posse!! We are currently in our own form of Rehab, ie taking a break from the Motorhead/Reverend Horton Heat tour- As NASHVILLE PUSSY was officially uninvited to play Disney's House Of Blues (even though we've already played there)
We decided to take the One show in five days as a vacation and come back to Atlanta while the tour plays on in Florida. We start driving again tomorrow to get to TEXAS where the tour picks back up in Houston, Dallas and Austin... etc etc.
The Global Warming Tour (as Motorhead calls it) is going Fanfuckintastically. Meeting up with Motorhead after 9 years since your last real tour with them was like slipping into an old pair of sneakers; comfortable, makes you feel good and slightly smelly.

The big news was Mikkey Dee was leaving the tour to do his reality show and was to be replaced by Matt Sorum. We got to hang with Mikkey and watch him kick extra ass (as Matt was watching) and when Matt took over in D.C. In fact we had a day off and Motorhead had to practice!! So far So good -not only is Matt a super cool dude with lots of good stories, he's also a quick learner and has managed to fill Mikkey's Swedish shoes with some seriously rocking ones of his own! In fact I would have to say the whole set has gotten a little more 'Rock n Roll'. It's fun watching Lemmy and Phil Campbell adjust to the new style- everyone is diggin it!

We have run into some cool old friends like Mike Inez from Black Label Society/Alice In Chains/Heart. The boys from VALIENT THORR, Priestess, Voivod, our old bassist Katie Lynn Campbell, Sean from White Zombie, Chris from Supagroup, Nikki Corvette and Amy from the GoreGoreGirls, A pack of the Sirens, Daniel Rey and so on and so on..
Nashville Pussy is on TWITTER! Someone has our name already so we are under the moniker BashfulPuppy. It's a great way to let us know what's up and keep y'all in touch with instant updates. Sign up and follow us on our adventure. search BashfulPuppy
There is a NEW Motorhead/Rev/Pussy CALGARY show being added on the 27th and a NASHVILLE PUSSY Halloween show in DENVER.

here are a few new cool interviews that have just come out

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Hardtimes interview with Blaine, Karen and Ruyter in Montreal

POLLSTAR ran a great shot;

Feel free to keep writing into the Fan Message Board
and my blog here - I'll try and write back and answer as many questions as I can. It's been great meeting all of you who have come out on this tour at the merch booth after our show- we can't wait to meet the rest of y'all.

Keep Rockin and we'll see y'all down the road
Ruyter and the Pussies!