Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Highjacked!! Blaine Cartwright takes over Rambling with Ruyter!! SLINGING PIG!!

The Following information comes directly from the fingers of none other than Blaine Cartwright himself!
Hell Yeah Everybody, Here's what's going on right now. I assume that everyone has already got UP THE DOSAGE , the best Pussy record yet, so here's some other shit you guys should know about. THE DRUNKEN ROCK SHOW That's my new podcast. Yeah, I hate the word "podcast", very lame. So are almost all podcasts though. But this one is very different and way way better than all of them. This is more like being a party at Pussy Manor, drinking while I go through my record collection and playing basically what the hell I want to. It's way less talk and way more rock than any other show out there. I promise that you'll always hear several songs and bands that you wouldn't hear otherwise. I just finished my much improved 2nd show and it's really cool. You can stream it on the home page of AND IT'S FUCKING FREE!!! SLINGING PIG RADIO By the time you read this it will back to full time rocking!!! Recently our original slinging pig generator exploded from too much rock and had to undergo surgery. Thanks to everyone for all the get well cards and letters. But The Pig has fully recovered and can now hold more rocking tunes than ever. So give it a listen because it's great. AND IT'S FUCKING FREE!!!! Leave me a message on our Facebook page
KICKSTART I just want to keep all my supporters updated. If you remember, last time I talked about how I had plans to finish up the Pussy record and record a new Hammer record before The Kentucky Bridgeburners record our new masterpiece. Well the Pussy album is out and it's amazing. And right now Hammer is working up new songs. We just played a few gigs that were all great. I think we sound better than ever. And after hearing how good the new Pussy is, the boys in Hammer want to make sure our new album is equally as good. So we're probably be finished recording in mid summer of this year. After that KYBB will produce our "Exile On Mainstreet". And all will be right with the world.
Also NASHVILLE PUSSY will be near you soon! New dates will be announced any day now!! We sound great! Thanks for your support. I'll keep churning out the great music as long as y'all keep listening. And please tell a friend how great we are. I plan on ruling the world by the time I'm 55. That gives me 5 years. That should be enough time...
Thanks!!!! See you on the road or on the PIG! PS our housekeeper at Pussy Manor Esmerelda has uncovered a bunch of old awesome NASHVILLE PUSSY posters and has shipped them off to be available to the public any day now via the Rare Shit Store! Blaine Cartwright