Monday, December 6, 2010


Hey Pussy Posse! How the hell are y'all? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! LIFE IS RAD!

If you've been on Facebook or were lucky enough to actually be there - you already know the tour of CANADA was fucking crazy. Our Karen had a family emergency to attend to. Her step mom passed away and Karen had to leave the tour abruptly. We enlisted the services of none other than Mr. EDDIE SPAGHETTI of the SUPERSUCKERS to fill Karen's sexy shoes. Needless to say- it fucking rocked. Eddie stepped up and had a blast playing on the sideline for a change and got to show off some sexy moves that only work when you're the newest PUSSY. We even learned 'COATTAIL RUYTER' to make Eddie work even harder..

Halloween in Calgary was completely fucking retarted. Of course we did it up like we always do... Blaine was the Frito Bandito, Jeremy was Mr. T and I had to go as our local prodigal son Michael Vick. Eddie is new to the extreme Halloween PUSSY STYLE but wound up putting on a pretty good Zombieish thing. We recorded the show - so MAYBE it'll be good enough for human consumption one day. It was a blast- but not so easy to play with shoulder pads I gotta say. Our roadie Bobby went as a Gay Freddy Krueger

Sweet Edward Spagedward had to vacate the Pussy for his own solo tour so we had to enlist yet another Bassist of superior calibre - none other than ZEKE's own Jason Freeman who did and amazing 'FUCK YOU' solo Every night with his middle fingers! Jason kicked ass and was great to travel and party with.

At long last we rejoined with the lovely Karen for the last two shows and even got guest singer Erica Brown on NUTBUSH for our final show of the tour in Denver! She kicked it up a notch - what a blast.
Since we came home - Blaine and I have been insanely busy. We have a few other studio projects that have kept us recording for the last couple of weeks.
We started a record label. SLINGING PIG - our first release is being shipped out to fans right now. We found an old NASHVILLE PUSSY bootleg from 1998 'LIVE IN RENNES' and was blown away by the quality. It is a ferocious performance and exceptional recording of a really early show. NASHVILLE PUSSY'S first tour of Europe I believe. We played this Festival in Rennes and just destroyed the audience for Pere Ubu who came on after us. We are doing this on a super low level - it is a DIY as FUCK fan only release. It ain't in stores, it ain't on iTunes. It's website only! The pre-orders have been shipped out and now we're taking regular orders. If you dig the pussy - you'll fucking flip on this! No Shit - I couldn't be more impressed with our own performance and you know how much I hate listening to myself-I could play this over and over and over again. Jeremy and I are on complete MINDMELD and play off eachother so tight it's like we're twins speaking our own language with volmue. Corey is holding down the bottom and Blaine is on fucking fire - he's like the ring leader of a three ring circus. It sounds like we are trying to kill the audience (not much has changed). Anyways- get it while it lasts. It's a limited pressing..

Get it here! (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Hell it's Christmas - get it for yourself this 'cause I know no one got enough PUSSY FOR CHRISTMAS!

We have new Euro dates announced on the website and yes, we are finally playing Atlanta!

See y'all down the road!


Monday, August 16, 2010


(Snake, the LOUD PIXELS guy who filmed the LONDON Show and ME)

Hey Y'all! What A Helluva Fucking Tour. Short but oh so sweet. My Brain is still swirling with all the fun we had. NASHVILLE PUSSY was crammed in a styling double decker bus with VOIVOD. We started the tour just outside of Geneva Switzerland at the Guitare En Scene Festival in St. Julen France. We made the sun set with our music. Then once it was good and dark, Motorhead played. Our hotel was full of all the guests of the 3 day festival so we got to hang out with Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake who had enough stories to entertain us for the two days we lounged at the pool. I got to meet Al Dimeloa!!! WOW- last time I saw him play was when I was 14 and he played with John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia. Steve Morse opened up on accoustic. It was a guitar Geeks dream as was this festival. Johnny Gallagher and Joe Bonamassa headlined the first night Some cool photos here oh, and Chris the Wine guy turned up with more of his fabulous wine from our Vineyard in Bordeaux.
Above is a picture of what I did with Phil Campbell's rider.

Blaine and spent some time in Nijmegen, The Netherlands- where my boobs and hair come from..
On our time off I got to see SLAYER in my father's hometown of TILBURG - and here's the proof (look for the fuzzy head in the background watching Dave Lombardo)
We met up with the VOIVODS in the UK. I swear this tour was designed for my own personal enjoyment. I was totally in love with these guys in high school so this was a dream come true getting to watch them every night then drink whiskey with them all night long on the bus, glorious.
Dan (Chewie) and I share the same mother..Dee Snider
It was Snake's birthday on the first day so we celebrated every night, just to make sure. By the time we got to London I finally got up the nerve to sing the high part on Astronomy Dominae and did it again the next day in Holland as well. I've wanted to do that ever since I first heard their version. We played the BULLDOG BASH in Stratford On Avon - yes indeed- the home of the Great Willie the Shake AND about 20,000 Bikers- needless to say they flew a few flags...

We took the beautiful ferry ride from Dover to Calais - here's Me and Anika (VoivodTM) and Away and Snake topside.

OK - here's a joke 3 Americans, 2 Canucks, 4 Quebequois, One Brit, One Scottsman and a Dutch girl all get into a beautiful tour bus - and here's the punchline.... instant hillbilly bus!


The final show we headlined was the Rock Den Lukas fest in Darmstedt, Germany- what a great night- Sad though because we had already said goodbye to the VOIVODS the night before and that was the night I had to kiss Blaine goodbye long enough to last until OCTOBER 5TH! Nashville Pussy flew home but Blaine stayed behind to get prepared for the big and Final - NINE POUND HAMMER TOUR!!

Here's my favourite place on the bus - Riding With The Driver - good Motorhead song too.. Thanks GONDOR! Our awesome driver.

I am very proud to announce the new NINE POUND HAMMER album is finally for finished and sale. It kicks ASS! -until the actual record deal is finished the only place to get it is right here! We have a Limited Edition Promotional pressing that is for sale internationally by preorder right now right here Unofficial shipping date is the 25th of August if all goes well with the pressing plant. but we might be able to get them out to you even faster- ORDER YOURS TODAY!! (here's a little Nashville Pussy secret..

Not only are almost all the Hammer Songs written by Blaine, I managed to sneak some kinda performance onto almost all tracks..) All HAMMER/ PUSSY/ Blaine & Ruyter Fans need this disc. The new CD will also be for sale at the NINE POUND HAMMER EUROPEAN TOUR starting next week. The dates are here

NASHVILLE PUSSY hits CANADA next so stay posted on facebook and twitter for updates!

Rock on y'all!!
See you down the road

Friday, June 4, 2010

HELLO AMERICA! It's been a while! Happy 4th of JULY!


HelloH Pussy Posse! GODDAMM! We just got off two solid months of the Good Old USofA! We had us a little opportunity to get back in touch with some of the people who made us what we are. These past few months took us to some of the towns we've neglected in the past few years as well as a chance to hook up with friends and fans in practically every corner of America.

It's been so long since the tour began it's hard to think about what went down. Hell, we met some dude in Dallas near the beg. of the tour then saw him about a week ago and his hair had grown about 2 inches!!
We played the motherfucking rock boat in NY! This time, it was really good, last time it was kinda disorganized (not the kind of thing you want to have happen on a boat!) This time we got to see the Statue of Liberty up close for the FIRST TIME! (it's only ever been four inches high in the past) We got to party with the fabulous Whitney Ward (she shot our first album cover) and Bambi!We've been partying with them for near on 15 years and it was wonderful to spend the wee hours with them again.

It was opening day when we played Cinncinatti- We're kinda baseball fans... it was sold out but Blaine and I got to sneak in somehow and watch the last few innings. Here's a picture AT 4:20!

Honestly the whole tour was such a blur I can't even focus. Our bandmates on this tour Green Jelly (o) and Psychostick were super cool and funny and thank god cause this was lasted SOOO long if they were assholes there would have been fisticuffs! Instead most of us would up pairing off in some way and imbibing in our own proclivities shall we say.

If y'all were following us on Twitter - you rode along on the whole tour. If you wanna join and get our late night drunken texts we're bashfullpuppy

here's some cool shots from the tour..

OAKLAND A's!! (Bring back the Mustache Gang)

Classic Texas Bar B Que

Geneva On The Lake (Jimi Hendrix, The James Gang, Nashville Pussy, James Brown and The Temptations played here..)

Hotdog man and..

next stop... Geneve with MOTORHEAD - then Europe and the UK w VOIVOD. All dates can be found here (scroll down)

While we're home - check out our RARE SHIT STORE! We are now selling the old ass TVT Promo for HIGH AS HELL autographed by Me and Blaine! And we're listing new stuff, tour t-shirts and more! the store is only open a few more weeks.

see y'all down the road!

Monday, March 15, 2010

EuroAustralia Ride the Whirlwind!

WOW! What a month - and it has flown by. We have only been home a few days and we go back out within a week!

We had an absolute blast in London and Europe AND Australia- it already seems like forever ago we started off in London. What visit to the Uk is complete with out the ultimate British Breakfast! Fry it all please, bread too. It helps with jetlag, honest. We met our openers, Supercharger from Denmark, as they arrived, one by one- during their own set at the Underworld. Gotta give them credit for pulling off the gig missing half the band, then continuing while the remaining members raced across London and joined them on stage for the last few sogns. Way to start the tour boys. Supercharger continued to rock the house every night and we look forward to sharing the stage with them again. As quickly as we arrived we were off and on the ferry from Dover to Calais and back to the continent.

We started off Europe in Holland (I think) and drove back and forth on the same highway from Holland to Germany to Belgium to Germany to Holland etc etc. Hooked up with a bunch of old buddies, the guys from Peter Pan Speedrock came out to party along with a pack of good friends form tours past. Our houses were packed night after night. Great crowds pretty much everywhere. One day in Colmar we pulled up into what seemed to be a full on Gypsy campground, nothing but caravans, Bad Snatch imitations continued all day. We weren't in the club more that 10 minutes when we got downright swarmed by these gypsy children. It was kinda freaky, they were all excited jumping around and turning cartwheels while some of the more cynical of us took a step back with our hands on our wallets. It was kinda creepy. I i swear the 8 yr old boy was trying to break into the bus when we weren't looking, it was pretty depressing, luckily we got away unscathed- I hope those kids get a chance to get out of their situation. Colmar used a photo of Karen for a HUGE poster.

We had a ball that day wandering around the crazy streets of the old town. Each house looks like the 7 dwarves are gonna pop out. I can't believe it took me 3 trips here to finally see what I bought on a postcard the first time through.
We hit crazy snow in Germany, I had to run out barefoot one morning to retrieve my Whisky - a certain fan made off with (and left it by his car while he slept) that was the first quote of the tour "STOP THE BUS! I'M GETTING MY WHISKY BACK!!" that quote was replaced later by 'I seee you gypsy'. Crazy snow continued through Switzerland, But did not stop the crowds. We had to say goodbye to Supercharger after the gig at the Bikini in Switzerland. They had to drive home so couldn't even have a last drink with us, well they had a few... we had a few more for them after they left.

So Blaine's bad tooth finally reared it's ugly head and we had to go to the dentist in Italy. Of course the dentist was Italian and therefore damn cool, wore like 1000 dollar glasses and put Blaine on antibiotics. He couldn't pull the tooth because of the infection and also because the painkillers they had were 'no so good'. Blaine was slightly relieved cause they didn't pull it but couldn't drink for the rest of the tour. He finally got it pulled in France and was like a changed man, he was jumping around on stage like a freed convict.

Check out this awesome Italian fan Tattoo of Blaine's Lyrics from Hell To Texas - He Did it himself! Talent and taste!

The final shows in France were off the hook- packed houses and some of the loudest audiences we've ever encountered. We signed autographs every night until they locked the doors and kicked everyone out.
We met up with Chris the wine guy and he presented us with some fabulous wine from our vineyards at Chateau Nashville Pussy including a 17 year anniversary wine for Blaine and myself! Very cool! Of course French Pussy Time came out and we had a nice albeit short visit. We had to fly the next morning which means extra time spent trying to cram all that booze into our suitcases! We got caught in Le Hurricaine and our flight was delayed by 24 hours- it was pretty bad for the day we spent in Charles De Gaulle getting herded from one place to the next , not knowing if we'd make it home in time to fly to Australia. but at long last we did managed to get on a flight with 12 hours to spare we were back in the air and off to the other side of the globe!
What a plesant change from the winter we'd been experiencing- Australian winter!! Wow - the most beautiful day met us as soon as we set down in Sydney Australia! we met up with our old buddy Dave Batty. Dave and Jeremy took up where they left off years back- with their ongoing competition of Knifey Spoony! it's still a draw- we'll have to go back for a rematch!

OK, Australian Breakfast is very much like a British breakfast...

In Sydney we ate a famous TIGER PIE- a meat pie in a delicious crust covered in mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy! Yum! Now two Kentucky icons have eaten there. The Col. Sanders and Blaine!

Our favorite show was GOLDEN PLAINS - there had been insane weather and tons of rain/hail so we didn't know what to expect at an outdoor festival in Merideth. Little did we know we'd wind up rocking out with 10,000 Aussies - holding their Wellies in the air! We heard if they didn't like us they'd throw the gumboots at us - so I guess we passed the test. It was Blaine's birthday and it was well spent, with a few of our new friends...

We wound up back at the old Cherry Bar run by Billy from the Cosmic Psychos off AC/DC lane til the wee hours. And had a blast across the whole country. And yes, we finally got to hold a KOLALA!!!
Now we just have to go to PERTH!

We are back on the road for the next two months- can us if you can, we'll be pretty much everywhere in America! We'll be back to Europe for summer festivals so USA here we come!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Hello Pussy Posse - Happy Mother and Father Fucking 2010! Hell Yeah! I can't wait- this year is gonna be a ball. So Far So Good. Last December for Xmas I had an early surprise in my stocking, I got a text from our old merchandise guy that I am in PLAYBOY! Nice of Playboy to tell me beforehand.. anyways, save your hard earned cash here's the picture

Our New Years show was really swell. We haven't seen each other in a while so it was good to get messy with the band and man did it get messy! I think we're still cleaning up from the after party... or at least still finding weird clothes around the house!
We are only home for few weeks before we head to Denver for a one off party at Three Kings - for those of you who had to work the last Halloween show - now's your chance to come and party with us. Then we're off to Europe for Febuary - should be nice and warm right?
Blaine and I are cleaning out the basement- we are finding all sorts of cool shit/merchandise and are slowly making everything available to the fans through our website - Most of the stuff we can't sell on the road because they will get destroyed in transport; Old Promotional Posters, A Cassette! Our Say Something Nasty Picture disc, the newest Nashville Pussy IN LUST WE TRUST beltbuckle, the Military Patch, some cool Nine Pound Hammer Cd's, Keychains, Tote Bags, guitar picks and more as we slowly dig our way through the basement. I don't have a proper way to show you all this so I'm gonna stick a bunch of photos right here for y'all to check out.

While we are home we can offer the rare opportunity to get your merchandise AUTOGRAPHED and even Personalized by me and Blaine. So if you have always wanted a NASHVILLE PUSSY Tote Bag for your laundry or records - but wanted one that read 'To BOB- the best fuck in Dallas, Love Ruyter and Blaine - NOW is the time. We never get to offer anything like this directly to the fans (because we're never home) so take advantage while we are still in Atlanta.
Fuck the jackass on ebay selling autographed drum heads for 125 bucks - this money goes directly to the band and keeps us on the road. (ps a couple of autographed drum heads coming soon..) Besides - the Autograph is FREE! You don't have to hang out at the backstage door in the cold just in case we actually LEAVE the bar before your ride leaves.

You can't get any of this shit anywhere but here.

Thanks! See y'all down the road
Ruyter and Nashville Pussy