Monday, March 31, 2008

Day one at Willie's place!

Well we are here, after a grueling 16 hour drive which left Karen, Jeremy and myself all loopy. We arrived Saturday at noon in Austin. Blaine had a crazy Nine Pound Hammer gig in Stone Mountain (outside of Atlanta) on Saturday so he flew in and met us Sunday. We spent the night sleeping off the trip at Jeremy's parents and woke up to freshly cooked Mom Food, pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies and bisquits and even Peach Cobbler. We hung out with our Austin buddies and reconviened Sunday for the requisite Mexican breakfast and later burgers at Casinos before making the trek out to Perdenales studio here in Spiceland or Briarcliff Texas, only about 30 min from Austin.

Both our condo and the studio are right on the Lake Travis so the view is beautiful. We have two balconies that both face the lake and right now I can see Turkey Vultures and little black birds slowly making circles in the sky. I'll make sure to keep moving so they don't think I'm lunch.

Blaine and Remo are at the studio already, we have to get some groceries and Blaine will probably be off to get Daniel from the airport.

It's really pretty and calm out here. And Willie Nelson's studio has a great vibe. Gordie from the band Grady and of Big Sugar fame is our engineer and he has all sorts of drum sound tricks that Jeremy is excited about.

We got everything set up last night more or less enough to get some basic sounds for when Daniel arrives. It's a groovy old place with lots of Willie charm, Gold records, pool tables and even a real reverb room tiled from floor to ceiling. We'll be recording to tape initially to try and get the fat sound of the 70's so vacant in todays compressed for ipod recordings. In the tape room there's a reel labeled 'Willie and Frank' and yes, Frank means Sinatra. Pretty awesome company we're keeping here.

Unfortunatley the olympic sized swimming pool at Willie's has been filled in. Insurance reasons and such. Pity, we all bought our trunks, and I even trimmed the hedge! Still the studio is spacious and has lots of escape rooms for anyone to go off and 'concentrate'. Basically Blaine has lots of places to write lyrics and come up with good silly stuff to sing about.

So day one is underway, we're all anxious and excited about getting some stuff down to hear how it sounds.

In the last few weeks cramming with Daniel in Atlanta we've managed to nail down 12 originals for this new titleless album. Most of them are so fresh they won't be fully baked until we get them on tape. We've been tweaking and altering them everytime we play them so nothing is even remotley stale. We'll be recording live, as usual, with Jeremy enclosed in the drum room so we can watch what he does but won't have to smell his farts! (We all need our own rooms for that). Mmm mexican food!

The funny thing is the studio feels strangely familiar. I think I actually had a dream about this place. Feels real comfortable. Like all the ghosts are our old friends, helping us rock out.

Love y'all!

Ruyter and co.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long Overdue Long Ass BLOG, XMAS etc.!! LEMMY FOR XMAS

Everything is great! The last tour went VERY WELL!

As you all know we started our tour off being very excited to play 5 shows with Hank 3 - whois easily one of our favorite live bands these days (and we like him on album too! STRAIGHT TO HELL is the one to buy) But right before we started out on our fucking 3 day drive across america we found out that Shelton(HANK) had to cancel. So we began the long, lonely drive across this country knowing that it would only be us two bands on the first part of the tour with the REV! It is about 50 hours of driving and our first show was Dec 26th in San Francisco. That meant we HAD to spend Christmas at a truckstop! Pretty suitable for our style anyways.

It must have been the Christmas spirit because our Christmas present this year was finding out that the tour with the Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy would be joined by none other than LEMMY KILMISTER himself! That's right you heard me right!!!! LEMMY from MOTORHEAD decided to spend his Birthday with us and the REV. What a gift. So for the first week on tour we got to watch Lemmy every single night play at least 5 songs with The Reverend Horton Heat. They played 'Going To Brazil' 'Run, Run Rudolph','Route 66' and a few Rev's songs also.

For New Years Eve in San Deigo Blaine was asked to join them on stage and sing one of the verses of 'Run Run Rudolph'. Karen and I were asked to sing Background vocals on the same song. That was so FUCKING COOL! There really is nothing cooler than being on stage in front of a bunch of crazy super awesome fans cheering you on and looking over and seeing your husband singing and next to him seeing LEMMY smiling while he watches Blaine sing too (we'll try and upload the vid Trav shot) - No one else in the world can say that! what a fantastic night! Mojo Nixon (a dj on Sirius radio) Came out and met the band finally. We listen to him all the time when we are touring. He is one of the main DeeJays on OUTLAW COUNTRY and we are dying to have one of our songs on there.

So even though we fought over who's Jack Daniel's it was every night most of the time we had too many bottles of 'drink' and we were all very sad to have to say good bye to sweet Lemmy - He will always be a mentor and hero to us! Plus he's fucking funny as shit, and smart, and smells good - a real class act all the way!

Let's see, what else happened..... We played in Colorado for 11 shows! that was kinda crazy - especially when you consider we have only ever played about 5-7 different cities in the entire country of HOLLAND. But yes Colorado is pretty fucking big and we even managed to play a few new places which is always fun.

The first stop was Durango - it is in a VERY amazing area of this country which we had never seen before - just south of Durango is some of the most amazing landscape I have ever, ever seen. Super long vistas of nothingness, then out of nowhere HUGE giant crazy dangerous looking rocks jutting out of the ground, then nothing again for MILES AND MILES. Fucking cool as shit! Durango was tucked into the foothills of some fucked up crazy mountains that were pretty exciting (and terrifying) to drive. It is a beautiful little town with a bunch of very cool people (buying me whiskey).

I met a cool, generous tattoo artist named Matty who gave Blaine the coolest cowboy shirt in the world. Blaine has not taken it off since. He wore it on every single show after that! It is an old timey stitched cowboy shirt which Matty drunkenly tore the sleeves off. But the back has this super awesome embroidery of a Skeleton in a cowboy hat drinking XXX whiskey!! Woo Hoo! So cool! We also met Ed Stasium (he engineered 14 Ramones records) and also the Reverend Horton heat - so VERY cool to meet him and his awesome wife in that bizarre little town.

Some of the highlights in Colorado include staying with Danny and her friends in her parents mansion in Aspen (her house had an elevator!!) and hanging with Sara (from the Virgin Islands), Micha and John at the swanky Resort in Vail!! Thanks again for giving us that amazing hotel to stay in for FREE! Anytime gentlemen! We had a swell time!- Getting stuck in the snow in downtown Apsen was pretty funny too - at least we finally learned how to put snow chains on.

Another HIGH point was being invited to one of the best meals we have ever had in our life! A friend of a friend was drunk and bragging about what an incredible chef he was. When he sobered up we asked him if he was still such an incredible chef and he re-invited us to his restaurant for a 5 star meal. with at least ten courses plus dessert and paired wines - the whole she bang. He specializes in food from northern Italy and I hate to tell you but the competition is on! Any restauranteur who wants to challenge THE GREATEST MEAL OF A LIFETIME - Nashville Pussy will gladly be your humble judges. On a day off - otherwise we will just go to sleep when we hit the
stage! Anthony Bourdain watch out!!

In Boulder, Colorado we were visited by the one and only JELLO BIAFRA from The Dead Kennedy's. He has been a friend of ours for some years now and is a good friend of The Reverend Horton Heat as well. His family is from the area so after our show in Bolder we drove him home and he gave us a little tour of the town he grew up in including where JonBenet Ramsey's house was. CREEPY!! Jello came out to the next three shows and when we played Denver - he came out on stage with the Rev and sang WAR PIGS! It was crazy and the audience went nuts. But even better was when both Blaine AND Jello came out and Jello sang the chorus's of ACE OF SPADES with Blaine! That might have been the high point of the tour! I thought the audience was gonna melt they went so crazy over that.

One of the other outstanding moments of the tour was in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Cain's Ballroom. This place has been around since at least the 30's - and had giant 'colourized' pictures of old musical cowboys and cowgals on the walls. People like Roy Rogers, Spade Cooley, Hank Williams(before he was a Sr.), Tennessee Ernie Ford and the like. We heard tell that this was where BOB WILLS and the Texas Playboys used to play ALOT!. Bob Wills by the way is one of my all time favorite bands - Good old Texas Swing, Buck Owens was a huge Bob Wills fan (Buck is also one of my favorites )Skynyrd is also a fan and another huge fan is DWIGHT YOAKUM!!! When we played in Tempe Arizona we had the honor of meeting a very Foxy Cowboy in mustache and cop sunglasses.

I was asked to guess who he played drums for and guessed 'Bob Wills?' they said 'NO - DWIGHT YOAKUM!!' so we got to meet and hangout with Mitch Marine - who besides having good taste - is pretty damn foxy I might add!

TULSA was downright HISTORICAL. the audience was fantastic - but the Venue - is really something else - we are honoured to have rocked the shit out of that club (plus there was a cute little 10 year old girl in front of me all night wearing a KISS shirt - I had no choice but to Rock a little extra hard for her!)

Really the whole tour was very amazing. We spent so much time in cold ass Colorado my face was chapped!! It was fucking cold and there is NO moisture in the air at all- it was kind of difficult for Blaine and I. Evidently Whiskey is not very moisturizing despite what I have heard!

After Lemmy Left the tour - Blaine was invited to sing every night with the Reverend Horton Heat! The band had learned how to play 'Ace of Spades' just in case Lemmy wanted to play it - but he really wanted to play songs he never gets to do so we never once heard Lemmy play ACE it with The Rev. The guys in the Rev did an excellent version one day in sound check and asked Blaine to sing it once Lemmy left the tour. So for the rest of the tour - for the Rev's encore - Blaine ran out and did Lemmy justice- Blaine was fucking incredible and the audience reaction every night was practically electric! he nailed it!

The funniest night was in Springfield Missouri where Blaine was off drinking with some chicks and missed the beginning of the song. Jim (the Rev) announced his name from stage - but there was no Blaine - no one in the band saw him at all. Someone finally told me they saw him walking towards the bar a few minutes earlier - so I ran off and found him being 'entertained' by some locals!! I told him he's supposed to be on stage and he was like 'yeah, yeah - I'll be there in a minute" and I had to tell him that they were singing the song without him. Blaine ran through the bar and jumped up on stage in time to do the Chorus and the rest of the song. He only missed one verse! And instead of shaking hands with the band he stage dove into the audience and they carried him off!! Probably back to the Bar! What a finale. I know that night we drank AMISH moonshine out of a plastic milk jug! OUCH my head hurt in the morning! BUT again - the bar owner was really foxy! What can this poor girl do?

We said goodbye to the Reverend Horton Heat the night before in their home town of Dallas TX. The Grenada Theatre in Dallas had a really cool lighting rig that kept whispering 'Ruyter, climb me, you know you want to'. So at the end of the show I monkeyed my way up to the very top (about 20 feet) and pulled all the strings out of my guitar over the audience. One of the guys who worked at the Theatre said he had seen audience members TRY to climb up it but never someone in a band!

The last night of the tour was in glorious Austin, Texas and we got to do our own show. Finally we played a WHOLE SET in front of the always awesome audience at Emo's. It was a perfect end of a successful and rewarding tour - and our good buddy Gary Lindsey (from Hank3's ASSJACK) was there and came up on stage to sing Rose Tattoos 'Rock n Roll Outlaw' with us. It was an intimate evening spent with a few hundred of our best friends and a handful of very cool strangers with excellent taste!

I hope this will do for now- we are home for a bit - writing new music for the next Pussy Album!!!!! Blaine has been very busy writing music 24 hours a day. And the new Nine Pound hammer album comes out real soon - so keep your eyes peeled for it!!!

love you all

Ruyter and (Nashville Pussy)
p.s. I know this is LOOONG, hey I ramble. and I'll find some cool photos soon I promise!!