Saturday, December 22, 2007

We Still Got A Long Way to Ho (Ho Ho!)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS All Y'all!! Nashville pussy Hits the road again TOMORROW! after an amzingly productive week writing new songs with none other than Mr Daniel Rey - who graced us with his presence for three glorious days here in the ATL before hitting the Xmas Circuit with Mz. Ronnie Spector. We had a ball and came up with some pretty impressive new stuff. Hopefully the audiences in the next week will be so kind as to let us try some of them out.
Unfortunate news, Mr Shelton Williams AKA Hank III/ASSJACK - won't be joining this tour as previously announced. we just found out yesterday that he'd had to pull out of this tour but hopefully that will pave the way for the Truly Unholy Union of NASHVILLEPUSSYHANKIII tour down the line, coz now they owe us cuz!
With or without- the Pussies will be doing the glorious trek across this fine country to celebrate Xmas in no less than the finest Cracker Barrels this nation has to offer. Our first show is in San Franciski on the 26th and the tour goes until the 17th in Dallas with the Reverend Horton Heat. Then we have our own headlining celebration gig in Austin TX at EMO's. Should be a blast as always.
Blaine and Nine Pound Hammer just got back from a few gigs in France and Holland including the amazing SPEEDFEST with Peter Pan Speedrock - all reports have been stellar so far and I am fucking pissed I wasn't there. I finally watched the PETER PAN SPEEDROCK DVD out of jealousy and there are some classic Jeremy moments on there to say the least - most of the DVD is in Dutch but Jeremy is speaking one of those Universal languages that happen late at night... pretty funny stuff. Look out for a movie called Run Fat Boy Run - Hammer has a song in it - also look out for a movie called ALL HAT which uses the Pussies 'High as Hell'. I haven't seen either so if you have, let me know!!
Much Love to y'all, We'll miss Shelton and his gang - hope you guys have a swell Xmas without us, we'll miss your whiskey!! If you come to the gigs, I know yule have a ball (ho ho) and we'll see y'all down the road!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rev Horton heat and Hank III HELLRIDE

Okay we've been off since Thanksgiving from this tour and I think we are all still reeling over how great it went. I cannot say enough about this combination of bands - Every night was sold out and every night the crowds were wrung out from partying so hard, three times in one night! It was a triple threat and Hank III was a triple threat within himself - playing in his glorious Damn Country band, The HellBilly co-oprative and finally the full frontal assault of Assjack. Having never seen Shelton and his entourage perform we were floored by the whole show and the people behind the machine - princes among men all of them.
We spent Halloween in Baton Rouge and got done up good. Harry Pussy Potter, Dee Snider, Elvis and of course Yosemite Sam!

Even the Rev was in the audience that night disguised as Joey Ramone he coud walk amongst us and not get hassled. Shelton was dressed in Ghoul makeup and later as some freaky New Orleans style Satan with a belt around his neck hoding his mask on - creepy!
We got a good look at those strips of leather he calls boots ducttaped to his feet - what a mess! We gotta buy that boy some boots!
The Rev's Jimbo had cuts painted all over his face so got no sympathy when he thew his bass into the ceiling and it came down and sliced open his nose. Oh well Chicks dig scars luckily.
It was my birthday in Orlando and before I passed out in the van the band arranged a delicious cake and a bubblemaker backstage for me to play with.
One of the crew got named FUCKBUBBLES for fighting with the bubbles that night. I had fun shoving cake into peoples faces andeven though the Fiddle player Adam had gum in his mouth- he was kind enough to say it was pretty tasty!

We got in the habit of borrowing assjack's lead singer Gary to sing Rose tattoo's Rock n Roll Outlaw with us - we got pretty damn good at it too I think. I still gotta remember to make sure I don't lose a tooth in the enthusiasm.

At the end of the tour we had gained a crew member as Kevin from Hanks' camp came home with us to celebrate Thankgiving 'Pussy Style' (a couple days late and too much of everything!!!) He baked a cake and even carved the bird!
Nashville Pussy has a few weeks off right now but will be back doing this all over again for Xmas and New Years on the west coast - we are all counting the days back to all that dirty fun on the stage and the back of the bus! I think I am starting to like the taste of moonshine now that I know it don't taste like water like Barney Fife led me to believe.
If we are still allowed on the bus - it'll be a blast, otherwise we'll be at the bar!!
Blaine is in Europe as I type - he's got three Hammer shows including one with the Almighty DWARVES in Eindhoven Rock City, Holland for the second annual SPEEDFEST put on by those Dutch cuties PETERPAN SPEEDROCK! Damn I wish I was there!
That's all for now - I'll try and figure out how to post some of the cool photos from the tour.
Rock on, see y'all down the road