Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer in Hotlanta!!

Hey Everyone, How the hell are y'all? We are having a blast on our 'time off' here in Atlanta. It is just starting to get really fucking hot. 80-90 degrees if it doesn't rain. I've actually got my garden planted and Blaine and I have even made it to one Braves game so far. We got to see Unplugged/Unwigged Spinal Tap accoutic show at the Fox Theatre which was utterly historic.
  Blaine and I spent 10 days in Lexington KY recording the new NINE POUND HAMMER album. They recorded a bunch of country songs - Hammer style and Hammer songs-Country style. So far sounds excellent. I was even called off the bench to contribute some mandolin. We'll be back this summer to finish up. If you check wikipedia it says the new Hammer album is out already and has a hilarious title.. I ain't gonna tell you. But like Homer Simpson says to Bart, 'Don't worry about Wikipedia, we'll change it when we get home'. Regardless it will be out, but we'll have to finish it first.
  Also on our 'time off' I manged to play an accoutic gig with Mr. Eddie Spaghetti himself here in Atlanta's Gravity Pub in East ATL. Talk about an unexpected blast. We had so much fun and I actually managed to learn 9 songs for the gig. The show sold out  and the audience was on fire. One of the locals closed the show by eating lightbulbs and sword swallowing for the last standing drunks (most of us). It turned out the lightbulb eater and his wife were being filmed for their episode of Wife Swap!! I can't wait to see the show.
  We head back to France next week for two spectacular shows, both with none other than VOIVOD!! The first show is in Paris at the Nouveau Casino on the 18th and will be an 'intimate' affair. The next show is the opposite - at one of the biggest Rock Festivals in all France. HELLFEST in Clisson on the 19th with HEAVEN AND HELL headlining. If they are anything like they were when we saw them in Chicago, it will be a spectacular event, I hear 100,000 people come to the three day event.
  So last week, we're watching this movie called "I'm Through With White Girls' and there's this scene where a guy is buying vinyl records and trying to impress the woman at the store. She comments on his Thin Lizzy purchase and he says "I like Nashville Pussy too". Pretty damn cool. what can I say, the guy's got taste.

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Bone Machine said...

Hot damn on new Nine Pound Hammer. I'm still hot damning it on the new-ish Nashville Pussy, too.

See you cats in St. Louis!