Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot Summer in Atlanta continued... (this got edited out)

We head back to France next week for two spectacular shows, both with none other than VOIVOD!! The first show is in Paris at the Nouveau Casino on the 18th and will be an 'intimate' affair. The next show is the opposite - at one of the biggest Rock Festivals in all France. HELLFEST in Clisson on the 19th with HEAVEN AND HELL headlining. If they are anything like they were when we saw them in Chicago, it will be a spectacular event, I hear 100,000 people come to the three day event.


Danny Outlaw said...

yo! We met last night at the Hank3 show. I just dropped you a message on mysapce about rafting.

hit me up fuckers!

Ruyter said...

I thought we were supposed to ask for Big Mitch?