Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Europe Kicked ASS!! LEMMY=LAZY JESUS!! Time to hit the pool!! NEW MUSIC NEW TOUR!!

Hello Pussy Possee!! Life has been a whirlwind as usual! A wonderful crazy sonic. whirlwind.
Me and Blaine JUST got out of Nitrosonic Studios in Lexington KY where we recorded his latest band's debut album. The Kentucky Bridgeburners - 'HAIL JESUS'.
It's a GOSPEL album..all about Jesus. And damn good if I may say so myself. I was on the bench for most of it but got to play guitar on a couple tracks, MOOG on one and Rhodes on another as well as add my slavewoman having her baby taken away from her - vocals on a few...It also features Earl Crim and Rob Hulsman from Nine Pound Hammer and Todd Gorrell kicking ass on bass. We had a blast and turned it around in 6 days! On the 7th day we rested...and decided track order. We'll be putting it out on our own Slinging Pig Label and it'll be available from the website exclusively and at gigs.

In case you missed it this past Euro tour was one of our best yet and soon we'll have a LIVE disc for y'all to prove it. While in KY one of my jobs was to go through all the live recordings our sound guy Mark did for an upcoming bonus on our re release of FROM HELL TO TEXAS.
We have re-mixed FROM HELL TO sounds amazing. And LEMMY sings on LAZY JESUS!!! That's right- he sings the voice of GOD!!
Both'll be out this summer and they sound fanfuckingtastic!

So here's a shitload of pictures...

Lady destruction Week by week..



Pregnancy Test in a vending machine!!! Maybe Baby!! (next to condoms)


This town is gay

NASHVILLE PUSSY ON TOUR- new dates right here!!! PUSSY ON TOUR

See you at the pool!

PS Rock N Roll Spring Cleaning Sale in the Rare Shit Store!!

We have too much ROCK in our basement so we're spreading it around the world. Y'all come get a heaping helping full.

'FROM HELL TO TEXAS' cd jewel case 9.99 plus 2$ shipping Domestic 4$ shipping outside NorthAmerica
NINE POUND HAMMER's 'COUNTRY CLASSICS' wallet style cd 9.99 plus 2$ shipping domestic 4$ shipping outside NorthAmerica

Any order over 40$ gets a FREE set of NASHVILLE PUSSY PICKS (one of Ruyter, Blaine, Karen and the band)

a combo cd package of the following;
'HIGH AS HELL' promo cd
'FROM HELL TO TEXAS' Cd Jewel case
Nine Pound Hammer - 'COUNTRY CLASSICS' cd
and Nashville Pussy's latest release 'LIVE IN RENNES 1998' cd

Buy all 4 for 35$ including shipping within NorthAmerica and 39$ including shipping outside of NorthAmerica


Riffraff said...
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Riff Raff said...

Hi Ruyter,
As I told you at the Ris Orangis show in France, i've filmed the whole concert. If you want it for your upcoming live cd, I can send a copy or master.
Also, i already worked in some dvds so if you need a mixing, authoring, I can do it for you, for Nashville Pussy ;)

Let me know if you're interested.

See ya at your next tour in France !!!


brokenguitars said...

Hey, hope I didn't offend you at the columbia, sc show by saying hello and turning my back away. I really thought you were going to keep walking, you seemed really in a rush. When you came up to me, you felt like I dissed you. I really wanted to talk shop with you again about old Marshalls. You've always been very personable every time you're in town, but it was pre-show, and I understand it's not always the best time to rap.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruyter,
what did you do with your fingernails? Would it not be better to keep them short on your left hand?

Anonymous said...

I love you, Ruyter!

Congrats from Brazil!

Paulo Machado.

Anonymous said...

love your guys music hope to see you live one day soon when you pass threw columbus ohio and join the likes the godz ans americain dog you three have one thing in common pure rock-n-roll at its best ROCK ON NASHVILLE PUSSY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey

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