Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canadian MOTORHEAD!! Mikkey Dee is back!

Hey Y'all - if you've been lucky enough to get a ticket - these Motorhead Rev Horton Heat Nashville Pussy gigs have been some of the best shows we've played ever. What a fucking blast! Every night packed to the rafters and every night loud as fuck. It's been so much fun. After Mikkey split to do his reality show Matt Sorum came and whipped everyone into shape. Turns out he's a helluva cool dude - and looks good too!
Motorhead actually had to practice! But an what a show- everyone was sad to see him go.

But the return of the almighty Mikkey Dee fresh from the jungles of Malaysia has reminded everyone what a amazing drummer he really is. I think it's been good for Motorhead too. They're playing better than ever and you could tell it was good to have Mikkey back. Even though Phil had made up black armbands that read 'MISS YOU MATT' and wore them on stage you could tell he loved having Mikkey Back too!

We're just starting to get jungle stories out of Mikkey, yes he had to eat some bugs- some serious bugs. He said a 5 inch black beetle, and one of those huge bugs with a horn on it's head.. doesn't sound too delicious. I guess he came in third in the competition- which is pretty good. Didn't win but gave him a whole new perspective on life and rocking and rolling. You could tell how badly he needed to hit those drums as soon as he sat down.


Dan said...

The Kansas City show was OFF THE CHAIN!!! I love you and the Band. It was nice to hang with you again, even thou it was for a short time. Love you Ruyter! \ m /

Rodrigo said...

Hey Ruyter! I Saw you guys on this tour playing in NYC... It was awesome see you guys playing again, I've seen you guys few times... The first was at CBGBs! I noticed you guys toured in Brazil recently hope you guys enjoyed... I play in a hard rock band based in Brooklyn-NY called Jungle Junkies, also we have two girls in the band rocking hard \m/.

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Anonymous said...

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