Wednesday, April 2, 2008


OK, we have been Haulin balls on this recording, not to get ahead of ourself cause we are day three and still have ONE song left to track. The weather, the people and the vibe have been condusive to some balls out rock n fuckin roll. Blaine has been hitting the Boone's farm for some serious inspiration and from what we've heard him singin so far, this album is going to make our last album seem like an asshole. He has seriously surpassed himself. We have to turn his vocals down so we don't hear what he's saying and accidently fuck up playing coz we're laughing so hard. Today is TRUTH day - every song is the Gospel Truth - all true tales from the front line.
I borrowed this awesome old Fender Telecaster for a couple of twangy songs. Remo's father Jerry was kind enough to lend it out for this album - though I'm not so sure he's gonna love what we've done with it! Nah, he'll love it. We been calling it the 'Daddy Tele' and I am slowly learning how to ride it. It's quite the singing beast - gonna have to get me one for the tour.
Yesterday we had an amazing suprise, turns out in these parts, they have a food we never have even though of in our wildest drunken depraved Caligula dreams, get this....... COUNTRY FRIED BACON! - it's true!! it was part of our regular massive order of food and I can honestly say, to quote our original drummer Adam Neal; 'I can feel myself dying with each bite'.
In rummaging around Willie's pad, I found an old Golf Score card of his from '94. I'll get the picture up here soon cause, it is pure comedy. He won, is the short story, the Rules are another... that man's got Moxie.
Today we met a dog that plays the fiddle.
I ain't lying, she rides around in that Horny Texas flagged 'Cat a lac' that Mr. Daniel Rey is a settin in in the picture. The cute puppy behind him is Molly, who has been on Conan O'Brian, no shit! I'm jealous of a dog, for Conan, the Car AND the damn fiddle playin!!! I think we're gonna have Molly sit in for a solo tomorrow. I wish the Georgia Flag was car-able.
OKAY it's a few hours later from the last paragraph and after a bunch of takes and some serious options on how many hours the solo should go on for, we got a rediculously take on our last song!! I wound up on my back on the floor playing with my fingers on Daddy's Tele! Thank you Jerry! I hope to have done you proud. We'll have to get you an instrumental version so you can play it for your friends without having to explain all the cussin' n comedy.
We heard that Willie was playin golf this morning- but that was this morning and we were still sleeping off last night. We saw his stage manager (the famous Poodie, who has his own Hot Mustard!) now that's class! his bar is just a few miles down the road so we'l probably have a celebrate there when performance warrants a reward. Until then we'll be ordering Opie's Bar B que and laying down greasy tasty tracks with Sticky Saucey Fingers. I finally know what the Stones meant, they must have recorded in Texas.


Anonymous said...

fuck the van we need that car for the road!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear those rockin' new tunes!
I want some fried bacon!

candeL said...

that car is awesome
kisses ruyter :D

Anonymous said...

Shoulda been capturing this for a DVD "behind the scenes" kinda thing I would LOVE to see the antics of my favorite ass kickin, greasy,gritty,balls out,rock'n roll machine what is the one and only Nashville Pussy!!! P.S. greasy fingers make for some badass playin ever listen to any Jaco Pastorius? He liked his fried chicken and coffee too....!! Can't wait to see y'all in Columbia Mo. on the 17th!!

Bone Machine said...

Every time Nashville Pussy puts out an album, I think "This can't top the last one." But you all always do.

I can't wait for the new stuff to arrive on the shores of Owensboro.