Monday, September 10, 2007

Livin' High in Sao Paolo!

Hello from Sao Paolo!!

We are here at the beach! Chile was kinda chilly. Great show, blew their minds. Did an encore, partied all night then flew here.

Sao Paulo is 17 million people. The city with no end they say. Our hotel is next to the club and there are hookers and sex shops every foot. Some whore houses are 'disguised' by being 24 hour barber shops but they ain't fooling anyone.

We got into the city around 9 at night and had a fabulous meal of local delights. Lots of empenadas, beef stews, rice and beans. dried Salted beef with onions and 'Halloween fruit' that had cheese in it and tasted like good cheesey grits. Today we drove to the beach. Down a crazy mountain past a giant Peteoleum city that was disgusting. And past cities of ghettos called favellas. Where it is supposedly super dangerous and they sell crack.

We spent hours walking on the beach and ate some great seafood and drank caprianahs. While watching guys play futball. Blaine was all excited we were gonna eat squirrel but the translation was wrong and it turned out to be only squid! We'll probably have to go back to Georgia for the squirrel. Now we are settling down for spaghetti with three sauces made by one of the girlfriends.

We have pretty much three days off. Two at the beach apartment and one in Sao Paulo when Blaine is going to DJ in the city and we get to watch!!

This is a photo of Guaruja, the beach we are staying at for a couple a days!

So far so good, and it is good, bon viaje indeed.

Ruyter and the Pussies


Anonymous said...

What's up Ruyter? Sounds like you guys are having a blast down there. Can't wait to see you guys in NY, and CT. ROCK ON!! JF XXX

Anonymous said...

"sao paolo" ?! hahaha!

Miss Missy said...

Well, I wish I'd gone with you!
Looks like they are feeding you good and enjoying the rock there in South America!
Stay away from the ho's cutting hair! HA!

Lucas said...

Hey, Ruyter... it's Lucas from Goiania, Brazil! Thanks thanks thanks for the great experience with you and your band. Thanks for the dedication of "Go to Hell", the pick, the "munhequeira", the autographs on my guitar and in the rebel flag. I can't believe i saw you guys here! I hope see you again! You realized an almost impossible dream of mine! "Breast wishes" and keep on fucking, master of SG!!!

Fernanda said...

helloooo, goddess!
here it's Fernanda, from Goiânia.
just passing by to thank you and the guys for the great show, the attention you gave to me and my boyfriend and, of course, the kisses! hahahah blaine is lucky for being married with such a great kisser! hahaha indeed, you guys are a wonderful couple, wish you all the best!
hope you're enjoying your time in Brazil, hope you have enjoyed the so little - but yet so good - time in Goiânia and at least but not last, hope the other gigs are so good as the one we had here was!
once again, thank you so much for last night. what i thought that would be only a great gig turned out to be an amazing night with amazing people. you guys are fuckin' awesome!

lots of kisses, and remember:
we are family now! hahahaha


Anselmo said...

Wassup Ruyteeerr!!This is "senhor Anselmo" hehe the video is awsome,also the pics are preety good,I hope you guys like and can use some footage in your dvd!Other than that,I really wanna thank you and all the guys for being so nice!It was a pleasure to meet everybody,hope you come back as soon as possible..I gotta thank Jay for put us in touch,that was really awsome!Amelia is still pissed of,she was crazy to see the show...she says hello and miss you..thanks for everything and please play "Fried chicken and coffee" next time!!!Be swanky!see ya!

Leandro T-Bone said...

Hey Ruyter, how are you girl????

Here is Leandro from PINK DOLLS, band.

The show was great!!!!
You rocks Ruyter!!!!!

Come to Brazil again!!!!! It´s an order!!!! huhauahuahauahuahauahua.

Kisses to all the band.

Andy Delarge said...

Hey Ruyter, How is it going ?

You are a sweetie person , It was amazing to meet you !!! I have some pics with here in Sao Paulo , Do you want then ? Just let me knoe ok ?



Letícia said...

Ruyter!!! How are You?
It´s Letícia from Belém!
To you:

t bone said...

Hey Ruyter, here is Leandro again!!!

Look to the fotolog of my band PINK DOLLS!!!

Kisses my dear.

Rafael said...

I know I am a bit late, but I gotta say how I hate myself for not beign there! Hey guys, I know that it's not very easy to happen again, but if you come to Brazil again, I'll be there screaming like a pig!

You are fucking awesome!